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Re: 40 year old wiskey     04/27/2017
@donnatella: Interesting read- maybe it is drinkable?? ... More »
Re: 40 year old wiskey     04/27/2017
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: I'm not sure why he had so much alcohol- maybe for guests- he didn't drink the ... More »
Re: 200+sick/school WTH?     04/27/2017
I have never understood wth people send their kids to school sick -smh... More »
Re: 40 year old wiskey     04/27/2017
Yeah we found a bunch of alcohol when we cleared out my Fil's house- once bottled it doesn't age wel... More »
San Diego     04/27/2017
Absolutely!!! Stay downtown or close to the marina!! The zoo is a must The Midway-and there are a ... More »
WHE - 78 children sick     04/26/2017
@donnatella: on it!!🍷 ... More »
Emergency Room visit     04/26/2017
I am so sorry- I have no words- just leaving my prayers here for you... More »
Marriage Counseling     04/25/2017
We went years ago. As mentioned- the first session is get to know you kind of thing. When we went w... More »
Re: Is this weird to you?     04/25/2017
My daughters friend was shocked at how many people would try and touch her belly. Complete strangers... More »
Re: Dog Bite Last Sunday Sand Creek     04/25/2017
Where abouts in Sand Creek specifically. I live in SC and walk a loop every day. I have not seen any... More »
Re: Do you take care of your garbage pickup crew?     04/25/2017
The recycling dudes for Best Trash were chipper this AM. I was walking the crazy pup this AM and the... More »
Kings River dr.     04/25/2017
Road bikes are made for the road NOT sidewalks and trails. I have a road bike that cost me 4500.00 a... More »
Pervy Jogger On The Greenbelts     04/24/2017
Man I'm glad I didn't run into him- might not have been enough to ID. Good on her for videoing him. ... More »
Re: Unique Stairs     04/23/2017
I could see me falling up and down most of them. I have a bad habit of running up and down stairs- m... More »
Re: An update on Wesson     04/21/2017
Keep us posted!!... More »
Re: POOL?     04/20/2017
I LOVE my pool and it's a must have if we move. Yes you will not get the cost back at resale BUT how... More »
Re: Selling Foreign Coins     04/20/2017
Euros by any chance?... More »
Re: Vacation Ideas     04/20/2017
Colorado- hiking- biking- boating- tons and tons of stuff... More »
Re: Pychologist oy pyschiatrist     04/20/2017
@yankeejessica: Except Taz- I have never met such a self centered blankety blank who shows up la... More »
Re: Pychologist oy pyschiatrist     04/20/2017
Just FYI there is not actually a test per se for Asperger's. As a matter of fact the dx of Asperger'... More »

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