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St. Martha Catholic School     02/17/2017
@mmr713: omg I can't make heads nor tails of this!! Where do they get 400?? I saw the initial pr... More »
Re: What are the most exciting vacation activities for you     02/15/2017
Depends- lately it's been Germany-going again next week-less expensive since hubs goes there on busi... More »
Valentine's     02/14/2017
@lola: lol I was wondering if anyone had noticed I hadn't changed the Christmas one out. The oth... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     02/14/2017
Wow Thanks KDC!!! ... More »
Boycott SNL     02/14/2017
@mulmye: absolutely not- that was my point. I worked in retail for many years and used to help... More »
Boycott SNL     02/14/2017
@imadrummer2k: spot on. Kind of like some people boycotting Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka's fash... More »
What are the birds eating?     02/14/2017
@coco1248: tons of them flocking on the green belts. We have a flock of them that hang out at th... More »
Pray please     02/14/2017
Many prayers for you!!! I just want you to know that you ( and others fighting the fight) are my ... More »
Valentine's     02/14/2017
Happy Valentines Day!! We just found this upside down heart on the new pup last night- when we got h... More »
Avon breast cancer walk     02/13/2017
Wow 1800 is a hefty fundraiser. MS bike ride is only 400 and they get 8,000- 10,000 riders. Seems to... More »
What are the birds eating?     02/13/2017
Berries on the Greenbelt- particularly those little round red berries- the Cedar Waxwings are super ... More »
King Cake     02/13/2017
Hubs always goes to LA so he brings them back. Gambinos is not my fav-Ambrosia from Baton Rouge and ... More »
Where can I file my taxes in KIngwood?     02/13/2017
Turbo Tax? Quick and easy- and Office Depot usually runs a sale... More »
Write a sad story only using 3 words!     02/12/2017
Ran 10k- blisters... More »
Re: Plaster for Pool?     02/11/2017
@ctl74: Who is the company? We're collecting bids too!! ... More »
Re: Johnny's Pizza     02/11/2017
Yea a while back... More »
Booze of the night     02/11/2017
I had a nice dryReisling from Germany- no hangover!!! I even did a little run today to keep the legs... More »
siamese cat personalities     02/09/2017
@sammee: EXACTLY!!!! This cat acts like that-he's been in a bad mood ALL of his life. ... More »
Re: siamese cat personalities     02/09/2017
I would NOT recommend it. My DD has a mix and this cat is the biggest PITA ever and can be meaner th... More »
"At fault" question..     02/09/2017
@buffaloglenn: yea you have to watch the rogue ones!!!! HEB put "collars" on their carts so they... More »

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