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Re: MESSAGE TO OLD PEOPLE     01/21/2017
Lol I am old and am considering rainbow under lights - I would do more subtle and not go as vibrant.... More »
Schools Blocking the Inauguration?     01/19/2017
@ProblemAgain: THANK YOU- this has been my top complaint on BOTH sides - no one seems to be able... More »
Schools Blocking the Inauguration?     01/19/2017
They didn't show 9/11 at my kids schools- they sent the kids home. They also didn't show the inaug... More »
New spot, for BooBear?     01/19/2017
Menu looks pretty good... More »
No Trader Joe's!     01/19/2017
@joshWa!: no it's because the new small businesses failed to develop a good business plan and ha... More »
Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/18/2017
Hugs and prayers!! I know it's hard- I'm thinking of you... More »
house fire     01/17/2017
@Fallon: maybe a small kitchen fire? ... More »
house fire     01/17/2017
Must not have been that bad- that is literally right behind me and I never heard or saw a thing... More »
Re: Homeless shelter in KW?     01/17/2017
@sweetie: Trust me she is probably safer out there than in a shelter- step a woman. And yes she... More »
Re: Obama has good advise for Trump     01/17/2017
Advice vs advise-Not normally the grammar police but for some reason I just couldn't get past that... More »
Re: Inauguration     01/16/2017
@CantStandTex: ... More »
Re: Inauguration     01/16/2017
@ForeCPA90: Yea I'm just a cranky old person today. I'm about to lose my oldest friend over this... More »
Re: Inauguration     01/16/2017
@HollyHobby: I could say that very comment about BOTH sides. I've seen just as many intolerant fol... More »
Re: The 16 countries with the world's best healthcare systems     01/15/2017
Thanks- backs up what I was trying to explain to a friend in Ohio¬†... More »
Re: Trying Tularosa Right Now.....     01/15/2017
Thanks for the review!!! I ¬†think I'll pass....... More »
Trying Tularosa Right Now.....     01/15/2017
@donnatella: honestly that's the feel I got from his pizza place- we liked the pizza ok but cust... More »
Re: Trying Tularosa Right Now.....     01/15/2017
Yes need a review- looked crowded as I went by at noon... More »
Re: Care to join the "I" pool?     01/15/2017
@podunk: Maybe a case??? ... More »
Re: Calling all cat experts     01/15/2017
Maybe allergies- my dogs are have funky eyes. Cedar pollen count is high!!... More »
Re: Vintage Ads     01/14/2017
WTH is an ACTION zone ( ok I know what it is BUT seriously????) . If I knew a man who was bragging a... More »

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