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Netflix/Hulu suggestions after surgery     07/25/2017
2cd season of Stranger Things is coming I'm bingeing The Good Wife- I always passed this up- unti... More »
Bathroom Remodel DONE     07/25/2017
Nice!!!!! I really like it. lol I have that same shower curtain as a regular curtain across my garde... More »
Re: Vacent House     07/24/2017
That's not the only one- we filed a report about one Elm Grove (?? It was off of Bassingham). Nothin... More »
Re: Trump blasts Republicans     07/24/2017
RE you and I seem to be 2 birds of the same feather.  I will admit to being more liberal as I age b... More »
Re: Jpgurl / Jgirl - don't get confused     07/24/2017
Didn't even see the new girl( welcome) but yes there's only one Jeep and one Jeep girl on this threa... More »
Anyone have suggestions?     07/24/2017
I don't have a lot of advice- this is a bad habit 8 years in the making- it's not going to go away q... More »
Need basic sewing classes     07/24/2017
@beastmode: Yes!!!! I actually had to do this with pants and zippers. The crotch seam was hard... More »
Re: Need basic sewing classes     07/24/2017
I taught myself reading the book that came with my machine and lots and lots of practice starting wi... More »
Re: Why are military helicopters flying over Kingwood     07/23/2017
@shodan66: Thnx for the info!! Every once in a blue moon the big Ol Chinooks will come out to pl... More »
Re: Why are military helicopters flying over Kingwood     07/22/2017
@2013Breakout: Funny in my house Hubs and I run outside to see!! They weren't Apaches. There's a... More »
Re: Pholicious Opens In Kingwood     07/22/2017
@FenderBass: That's Town Center I didn't know that the new HEB was called Mainstreet tho. I j... More »
Re: centerpoint energy     07/21/2017
@andreashannon42: Where are you from???? Everywhere I have lived has had one energy provider and... More »
Re: Pholicious Opens In Kingwood     07/21/2017
And when we get to go coffee what are those cups made of?????  What about a picnic with paper plate... More »
Re: Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Cancerous Brain Tumor     07/20/2017
Cancer is cancer - I don't wish it on my worst enemy. Some of you are a trip- carrying on about this... More »
Re: Panhandlers all over KW.     07/20/2017
I look DIRECTLY  at them - take off my sunglasses make direct eye contact and wag my index finger N... More »
Free O.J.     07/20/2017
@Marhopper3: obviously you have never been in an abusive relationship let alone in an abusive re... More »
Re: Rehoming a dog     07/20/2017
There are some pit rescues you could try. It's going to be hard- rescues and shelters are really ful... More »
Re: Update 2800     07/20/2017
Sending my prayers and thoughts for healing. I am so sorry to hear this news.... More »
Re: City of Kingwood     07/19/2017
@SwimSwim: Agreed!! I love Kingwood-but some of the inhabitants need to be a little less elite. I ... More »
Re: centerpoint energy     07/19/2017
Been here 15 years and never had an issue. Do you have the receipt number from your bank when you pa... More »

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