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Re: Attack on Trail     08/07/2012
I won't be going on the Gb anymore with out my protection and it won't be a dog!!!!... More »
Re: Facebook pet peeves     08/07/2012
... More »
Re: POWER OUTAGES     08/07/2012
Ya we have lived here for 8 months and I was just saying the same thing, I get tired of reprogrammin... More »
Re: Large SUV vs Minivan     08/07/2012
I would NEVER drive a mini van not even if I had 6 kids. lol Even though the SUV's cost more in gas ... More »
Re: A question for the wives....     08/07/2012
Not here he eats out everyday but if I knew he would eat it I would to save money. lolHowever he kis... More »
Re: Posting Contest - $100 Cash!     08/07/2012
Now this is a much needed prize!!!!!!... More »
Re: Chik-Fila     07/26/2012
I mean really what are people going to do:Prepare a questionnaire and distribute it to all of the fo... More »
Re: Sonic     07/26/2012
If I pay with cash I do but most of the time I use my card than I don't cause I don't normally have ... More »
Re: The Kingwood bubble     07/25/2012
When we were moving down here at the end of last year the Realtor said the woodlands or kingwood are... More »
Gotta Love Texas     07/24/2012
... More »
Re: Poll: Forum Format...     07/23/2012
I like the old way... More »
Re: OMG! My Bladder!     07/22/2012
Trying carrying twins twice :)Sometimes the pressure makes you feel like you have to go when really ... More »
Re: Need parenting advice     07/21/2012
@TexINS: I totally get what your saying and we do all those things I'm talking about the times a... More »
Need parenting advice     07/21/2012
My son is 4yo and is a typical active, rough and on the go kid. He goes to pre-school M-F and the te... More »
Re: Yard work..     07/21/2012
Ya if your dyeing form the heat the misquotes are eating you alive. I'm used to the heat but the hum... More »
Re: random act of assault     07/21/2012
I am so sorry this happen to your son and his friend and I hope those involved get what they deserve... More »
Re: Why nobody said anything? Would you?     07/18/2012
I hate when parents do this its to freaking hot for kids or animals to be left in the car. I would h... More »
Re: Surrogates/Gestational carriers .......     07/18/2012
Ya I don't think you'll make a good carrier :P... More »
Re: Posting Contest This Week!     07/18/2012
I don't even know who won last weeks contest? Where do they post the winners? :)... More »
Re:     07/18/2012
In the video they talked about a dog laying on its back because its feet were so damaged by urine. I... More »

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