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What to do tonight?     06/13/2015
We are at a loss for what to do for family night! We've been swimming for the past few hours & ra... More »
If You Were To Die Tomorrow     06/13/2015
If you were to (God forbid) die tomorrow, who would speak at your funeral? What would they say about... More »
Weather...and stuff...     06/12/2015
But I wanted to swim all weekend! :cry:... More »
SO what are you gonna fix for Dinner????     06/11/2015
We had Chinese tonight.... More »
Frustrated! iPhone issue     06/11/2015
Maybe try downloading & using another internet browser app like google chrome? Until they get the pr... More »
Who here loves their job?     06/11/2015
Who here loves their job? I DO!! Even on the not-so-great days, I still enjoy doing what I do & l... More »
Cool bicycles     06/10/2015
@topcat: Is that BLACK I see!? Both are so cute!... More »
CONTEST WINNER 6/10/2015!!!     06/10/2015
Oh wow! Thanks @kingwooddotcom!! My bestie just told me they came out with new flavors too! Awesome!... More »
Have you had your pool replastered?     06/09/2015
My parent's just had theirs done & it's nothing short of stellar work. If anyone is in the market, h... More »
Father's Day gift ideas     06/09/2015
Getting DH an AR-15. He has no idea. :grin:... More »
What is the going rate for swimming lessons?     06/09/2015
That's what I was going to suggest. Maybe asking a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool if any of them... More »
What's for supper?     06/09/2015
.60 wings at Wing Stop. One of my best friends told me today that I need a 12 step wing program. Dat... More »
Really?!?!     06/09/2015
@ProblemAgain: This I can agree with.... More »
Things I want to do before I die     06/09/2015
Skydive Live to see my daughter get married & meet my grandchildren. See all of The Louvre Ride i... More »
What are your kids up to?     06/09/2015
Mine's only 8, so no work yet. Daycare this summer & we love it. Jump world field trip today, Kemal ... More »
Ben & Jerry's in Texas     06/09/2015
WTF is BBQ peach?! I :heart: peach, but BBQ peach? ... More »
Garden keeps dieing ?? Ultimate brown thumb     06/09/2015
I feel like I'm right there with you. My succulents however are thriving! lol... More »
Really?!?!     06/09/2015
Probably the dumbest thing I've seen all day. How sad for Oregon.... More »
What is the going rate for swimming lessons?     06/09/2015
Everyone is going to rave about that FINS place. It is expensive as $hit. That's all I got. Sorry. :... More »
Hot date tonight!     06/09/2015
Aww sounds like a good time! Have fun. :)... More »

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