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I am so freakin hot     01/03/2015
I'm wearing fleece leggings with Star Wars socks under an electric blanket turned up to 6 (/10) & th... More »
It's 3:00am     01/03/2015
@Mahm: "And she says baby; well I can't help to be scared of it alllll sometimes..." ... More »
It's 3:00am     01/03/2015
It's storming & I've had maybe 2.5hrs sleep. I'm kind of terrified to drive right now.... More »
It's 3:00am     01/03/2015
It's 3:00am. I have to be up at 6:00am so I can be ready & at work by 7:00am in the morning. Our bes... More »
Shingles or Contact Dermatitis?     01/03/2015
I'm 26 & had stress induced shingles this past September. They were on my face spread over my head t... More »
NYE plans?     12/31/2014
First New Year's Eve without the kiddo since she was born! Going out with some friends. ... More »
I NEED FOR FREE     12/30/2014
Can someone please put me down for a free authentic black birkin with silver hardware, brand new bla... More »
Bill Cosby     12/30/2014
@herron1345: I respectfully disagree, at least in regards to Sandy Hook. Research it. The ev... More »
I love that it has to be solid wood, too. So specific, although the term "beggars can't be choosers"... More »
@NOONE     12/30/2014
@Odin: Oh, Merry Christmas & happy new year!! :)... More »
@NOONE     12/30/2014
@CBP210: He has the kind with the straps on the side & dear god, he's so tall, I'm so short, &... More »
@NOONE     12/30/2014
@CBP210 does your wife help you get fitted in your kevlar too?? I was sleeping soooo well, then DH h... More »
I am.....     12/30/2014
So sorry to hear that. Hope everything works out for the best & that 2015 is good to you regardless.... More »
SO whats for supper?     12/29/2014
Whole wheat pasta & cubed chicken breast tossed in soyaki sauce.... More »
New Year's Resolutions     12/29/2014
I don't set "resolutions", but I do make goals for myself. This past May I set a goal for myself to ... More »
what's on your bucket list     12/29/2014
@BooBear: It is a real burger. Both satisfying & chock full of nutritional value. Win, win! ... More »
Things your S.O. does that drive YOU crazy     12/29/2014
@Retired_Engineer: DH & I did the same thing! Finally gave in & got our own blankets!!! We w... More »
Cold Monday Morning After Vacation     12/29/2014
Amen! Definitely not how I wanted to start the day BUT I'm still gonna make today my bitch regardles... More »
Christmas Decor     12/29/2014
I'd really like to put our decor away while DD's with the in laws (until Wednesday), but DH is insis... More »

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