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WEIGH IN: Week 2 weight loss plan     01/16/2015
Down 1lb this week. That makes 3 total for the past 2 weeks. I'll take it! :)... More »
So whatcha fixin to eat tnite?     01/16/2015
Tin Roof BBQ! Getting my fav- the turkey plate with a side salad. Their side salads are HUGE & delic... More »
cake or pie?     01/16/2015
Pineapples & strawberries. The actual fruits, not pies or cakes. ... More »
Re: Day 11 weight loss plan     01/16/2015
Breakfast-- 1 cup of Special K w/ red berries & skim milk AM snack-- A grapefruit Lunch-- 2 grille... More »
The Reverend is PI$$ED!     01/15/2015
Who? This man is so ridiculous, he warrants no attention. What a moron.... More »
Valentines Day Restaurant     01/15/2015
@Drekonix: I'm not sure if this is a real person or a meme. Either way, good luck. ... More »
Weekend plans...     01/15/2015
Friday: Dinner with mah parents then shopping. Saturday: Work, then getting makeup done, then getti... More »
first beer sip at what age?     01/15/2015
Grandpa let me have a sip of his "bug juice" aka beer when I was 3 or 4. I HATED it & to this day I ... More »
I have no desire     01/15/2015
to leave my comfy kitty & warm bed this morning. Can we cancel work today? I'm sick & just want to s... More »
Proposal for Meetup     01/14/2015
I've never even had Korean food.... More »
Proposal for Meetup     01/14/2015
@Drekonix: As long as I can get a sitter for mini me, I'll be there. ... More »
Proposal for Meetup     01/14/2015
Proposal for Meetup     01/14/2015
Soooo when IS this meetup?... More »
Proposal for Meetup     01/14/2015
@donnatella: January 28?... More »
Proposal for Meetup     01/14/2015
When for? This weekend is a no go for me unless it's Sunday. Everyone should come to G town (galvest... More »
Day10     01/14/2015
@cgm10sne1: I knew you'd like it! She's such a positive person & her classes put you in a go... More »
Day10     01/14/2015
Have my usual healthy meals & snacks, gonna drink lots of water as usual, & hit the gym tonight! Tod... More »
water bill     01/14/2015
This Atascocita girl pays $30/ mo. No complaints here! ... More »
Birthday dinner restaurants     01/13/2015
DH asked me where I want him to take me for my birthday. He said it can be anywhere I want, but I w... More »
Dancing with Other ppl     01/13/2015
@mm4731: In all honesty, if she wasn't being a ho & it was just dancing all in good fun like... More »

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