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Twin Peaks     03/13/2015
I've heard the food there is pretty awesome. We're on our way there. What's your favorite thing to o... More »
Divorce celebration for friend     03/12/2015
@cgm10sne1: Male friend. DH has known him for 15 yrs, I've known him for 11 yrs & he is a ge... More »
terrible twos!!!     03/12/2015
The terrible twos ain't got NOTHIN' on the treacherous threes!! True story!! I remember three be... More »
Divorce celebration for friend     03/12/2015
Nobody has any suggestions?... More »
Divorce celebration for friend     03/12/2015
So one of our best friends is filing for divorce tomorrow. We wanted to do something to celebrate th... More »
metal cookie cutters     03/10/2015
Wish I did, but nope!! Etsy? ... More »
cold rainy day plans?     03/08/2015
Binge watching Dexter on Netflix today. Michael C. Hall is insanely sexy.... More »
Beans and Beer     03/08/2015
@donnatella: I thought you of all people would have more of an open mind about BuFu'in (urba... More »
10 Most Dangerous Cities In Texas     03/08/2015
How is Laredo not up there? We have execs who have to have guards with them when they travel To Lare... More »
ugh,,, idiots     03/08/2015
How sad that this was even a suggestion. Flags or lack there of do not make a place more diverse. Th... More »
Beans and Beer     03/08/2015
Boo for no butt sex?... More »
Thumb Drives     03/08/2015
*want*... More »
Big O's Crawfish Reveiw     03/08/2015
Man, now I want crawfish!! Were they spicy?? I want my mud bugs so spicy that I can't feel my lips b... More »
My Daughter won Second place     03/07/2015
Very rad!! Congrats!!... More »
Which gym is best for a general workout?     03/07/2015
Gold's.... More »
Tuesday dinner     03/03/2015
Ground turkey, brown rice, & green beans. :yum:... More »
Show me your puppies!     03/03/2015
And grown dogs. Puppies, dogs, I just really enjoy seeing pics of other people's animals. This i... More »
Day 58 of 90 Day Challenge     03/03/2015
I've been at it for 10 months now. I'm 3lbs away from my 90 day goal & 30lbs away from my ultimate g... More »
The world needs ridding of odd socks...     03/03/2015
Life's too short for boring socks. I mismatch mine & wear funky ones. Pretty sure I was the only wom... More »
Dog chipping     03/03/2015
@tatertot58: YAHTZEE!! ... More »

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