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Kids soccer     04/15/2015
DD played soccer last spring but said she didn't want to again. Well she tells me last night that sh... More »
Re: Lawnmower     04/15/2015
@superdork: Sent you a PM... More »
Groupon...After dark!     04/14/2015
@foxymama: That's exactly what I thought.... More »
Lawnmower     04/14/2015
@beastmode: That would be great! Thanks!... More »
Lawnmower     04/14/2015
@beastmode: Unfortunately I do not. And I really don't mind used.... More »
Lawnmower     04/14/2015
@cgm10sne1: DH called around & the ones he called didn't have any! Guess we aren't the only ... More »
Bacon on a burger??     04/14/2015
You cook such yummy looking food!! But on a serious note, do you ever fear you might have a heart at... More »
@Wooderson ..."Winter Is Coming"     04/14/2015
I'm the only person I know who can't stand John Snow. He just irks me. Daenerys FTW!!!! Tyrion is a ... More »
So whatcha fixin for supper tnite?     04/14/2015
Not a damn thing. Rotisserie chicken.... More »
Lawnmower     04/14/2015
Any suggestions on where to get a reasonably priced push lawnmower? All of the Facebook beg barter s... More »
Favorite movie     04/14/2015
What's your favorite movie of all time?... More »
Re: Retaliating neighbor     04/09/2015
Noise complaint?? The neighbors behind me stayed up partying last Friday. Started when DH got home ... More »
Re: Brewingz     04/09/2015
For wings locally we just do Wingstop. The food is good & we've never had any problems with service.... More »
Re: Brewingz     04/09/2015
@thetarget9: Italiano's comes to mind in bright flashing letters. My family has been going the... More »
Re: They do love me     04/09/2015
If PA passes, we just moved into our home in November & hadn't needed a law mower yet. Started looki... More »
Update on my hubbin     04/09/2015
Prayers headed you & hub's way!... More »
So done...I will spray your dog.     04/09/2015
What exactly is dog repellant?... More »
Your funeral song     04/03/2015
So my coworker & I are just chit chatting & I'm curious. What song(s) do YOU want played at your own... More »
Not nice!     03/30/2015
People are assholes & driving poses obstacles at times. It was a beautiful day today & no one/ nothi... More »
Star Trek coming back?     03/30/2015
Star Wars > Star Trek... More »

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