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Shipping off Tuesday     05/21/2015
Stay safe & thanks for your service!! ... More »
Apartment Prices are Astounding!     05/21/2015
Houses will run you an average of $1300 in Atascocita, apartments about $1000 in KW & Atascocita bot... More »
Buffalo Wild Wings, Sams Boat & Flemings Steak House Coming To Atascocita     05/21/2015
B DUB's?!?! I'm a wing fiend!! Steak's cool too. The bloodier, the better.... More »
So, what movie would you go see if you won the Starplex GC?     05/21/2015
Mad Maxx!!!! Soo looking forward to it! Starplex is our fav, too! ... More »
Snapchat     05/21/2015
@BooBear: As soon as I get out of this hell trap of a Tahoe surrounded my my daughter & pare... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
@yankeejessica: Brent's going to be super surprised when he sees his search history. He was ... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
@yankeejessica: Meeee too. :giggle: ... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
@mm4731: I don't think I was so lucky. I believe you've made it into a couple of my furry ba... More »
Lets Play a Game, If you dare     05/20/2015
@Nicole4647: Congrats! So happy for yall! It's a pretty one. :)... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
What ever happened to @BowtieGuy ?... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
@mm4731: Hell to the no! I just know I can't hang! Didn't you get my buc-ee's snap earlier? ... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
@Odin: Gotcha. I'm in a dark car right now freezing my tits off in BFE Louisiana, so I've ... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
@Odin: What's yours? Can message if you don't want to broadcast. Ever since the update, the ... More »
Snapchat     05/20/2015
Any new snap chatters? I just missed a golden opportunity to snap my dad getting a speeding ticket! ... More »
Lets Play a Game, If you dare     05/20/2015
My sexy boy was helping me pack last night. I made room for him in my suitcase but DH still said no.... More »
Its SODA water people NOT POP     05/20/2015
Coke FTW!! ... More »
Fireplace TV or Picture ?     05/20/2015
I dig the way it looks when a TV is above the fireplace, but I imagine I'd get tired of looking so f... More »
I'm old.     05/20/2015
A Facebook quiz based on music preference guessed that I was 62. I'm listening to my spotify playlis... More »
Prayers needed, thanks     05/19/2015
@Mustang40: Wow, that was fast! Where are they sending you?... More »
Memphis     05/19/2015
Probably black jack & slots. I'm pretty awesome at poker, but I figure casinos are on a whole differ... More »

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