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So is it only     09/19/2013
@pksbar: I run it daily, as most internet providers are high speed portals. Tons of things b... More »
Where did the Humble     09/19/2013
@pksbar: Joe has had it in the works for sometime now. Just finally launched it and of cours... More »
TRY NOT TO USE NORTH PARK     09/19/2013
@pksbar: It just happened when I went through at 4:30..... More »
The Left Coast (California)....     09/19/2013
another reason why it's called the left on... More »
AAA Handyman in Huffman aka AAA Masonry/Brick repair     09/19/2013
Contact the BBB ( better business bureau)... More »
Jim from NYC     09/19/2013
@Burnsway: can you say she has the hookup? ... More »
Was part of Kingwood built on a cemetary?     09/19/2013
@GOODPICKS: Like dark mass on ceiling? Hmmm..that sounds familiar... wonder where I heard t... More »
RAIN IS COMING!!!!     09/19/2013
Rain in Splendora and Shepherd this afternoon.... More »
What we need today is......     09/19/2013
@Katiemcg: On Florida blvd. (Us 190).... More »
What we need today is......     09/19/2013
@bubbleyes72: Today is Thursday...... More »
What we need today is......     09/19/2013
@bubbleyes72: Poke the troll! Where's Evan at? :) ... More »
So is it only     09/19/2013
@pksbar: Run a registry cleaner. You may have files on the computer that are corrupted.... More »
Jim from NYC     09/19/2013
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Yep! ... More »
Welcome to the message boards lilspitfire1     09/19/2013
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Ha ha! Online booty call via Kdc! ... More »
Jim from NYC     09/19/2013
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Surprise, surprise, surprise. .now all we need is a gomer Pyle pic now...... More »
What's the deal?     09/19/2013
Don't watch the movie "starship troopers" then. .you will really freak out about bugs...... More »
Jim from NYC     09/19/2013
@WskyTngoFxtrt: let me guess the hotel room is reserved for Mr & Mrs. Smith! :) ... More »
What would you like to change about your job......     09/19/2013
@bubbleyes72: It is be located where 45 & hardy toll road meets. To alleviate the t... More »
So sad...     09/18/2013
Reality TV has too many shows on! Need some new ideas for shows.... More »
Well, nudder Doctor     09/18/2013
@FoFa: Sounds like you need a hoverround to help you get around.... More »

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