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Re: Parents of boys     02/04/2014
Lands End has the iron knee uniform pants and jeans.  Well worth the extra money. ... More »
Re: what     01/19/2014
@jax: Technically, she 'had seen'. :cringe: ... More »
Re: Skerred     01/10/2014
Good luck!  I read somewhere that sitting in a sauna three days in a row will help flush the nicoti... More »
Re: Upgrade kitchen     01/09/2014
A few neighbors have used Northeast Renovations for some kitchen work.  He did an amazing job.... More »
Re: Crappy day     01/08/2014
Achy, sore boobs always equaled pregnant for me........ More »
Re: Phone # for Kingwood Dr. Fire dept?     01/03/2014
The CVS at Town Center used to have a bag that you could purchase to mail old prescriptions for disp... More »
Re: curves or bones     01/03/2014
Fallon, I think we all wish we could look like someone else sometimes.  Being thin isn't always the... More »
Re: curves or bones     01/03/2014
I am a 'real' woman and I am really thin.  Can't help it. It's just my body type.  Not all thin wo... More »
Re: insomnia     01/01/2014
Melatonin gives me crazy dreams.... More »
Re: Please Learn The Difference For 2014!     12/31/2013
Liberry instead of library and realator instead of realtor.... More »
Re: Please Learn The Difference For 2014!     12/31/2013
How about "I seen"? That literally makes my flesh crawl.... More »
Re: Fireworks     12/31/2013
I'm sure that there will be other people in your neighborhood shooting fireworks.  Just be respectf... More »
Re: Fireworks     12/31/2013
Pretty sure it is against the Oakhurst HOA rules regardless of whether or not you're in Montgomery ... More »
Re: insomnia     12/31/2013
Relaxation yoga.  I try to hold my poses for about 5 minutes each.  The good stretch combined with... More »
Re: How do you make black eyed peas?     12/31/2013
Hoppin' JohnIngredients  1 tablespoon olive oil 1 large ham hock 1 cup onion, chopped 1/2 cup cele... More »
Re: How do you make black eyed peas?     12/31/2013
Did you buy frozen or dried?... More »
Re: Mold Inspection Question     12/30/2013
Pressure changes in the weather trigger my sinuses.  Houston is the worst place to live for allergy... More »
Re: He peed on my walls!!     12/27/2013
My parent's mini schnauzer will do that if we babysit.  Never at her own home, mind you.  She's ... More »
Re: I need help with clothes....     12/12/2013
Justice goes up to a size 18 in kids.  We stuck with them during that in between phase because I fe... More »
Re: Family lawyer     12/11/2013
Stephen Byers in Kingwood... More »

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