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Re: New Jim Carrey Anti-Gun video     03/25/2013
If liberals didn't have double standards they wouldnt have standards at all. ... More »
Re: Super daddy - sign spinner!!!!!     03/25/2013
There was a guy that used to wear the Toro mask (Texans mascot). Kinda creepy.... More »
Sigh     03/25/2013
Texans cheerleader tryouts. Oh to be a judge or astro turf. ... More »
Re: Child Squishing     03/25/2013
So did all these business owners go to the same marketing consultant? This is the equivelant of band... More »
Re: Filmmakers of Houston FREE workshop     03/25/2013
C'mon I was interested in that one. ... More »
Re: well digger?     03/25/2013
@4psychos Coastal waterwells off of Ford Road in Porter More »
Re: Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
@EvanCarroll look up the word racist and prove that I said something racist. You are a fool.  ... More »
Re: Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
@4psychos I said my grandparents came here legally, my sister in law came here legally. Your problem... More »
Re: Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
@EvanCarroll did you say something? ... More »
Re: Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
The problem is people like @4psychos and @EvanCarroll are so race sensitive they don't care people a... More »
Re: Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
As I said, we need to get back to 2013 and deal with this problem. People are breaking the law daily... More »
Re: Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
@EvanCarroll argument for illegals to be here is weak. His whole argument lies in boundaries? What? ... More »
Re: Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
@EvanCarroll And the vikings were here before the mayans, so we should just give the US back to norw... More »
Operation "Wetback:     03/24/2013
Back in the 1950's Ike decided to take on the illegal's invasion of the US with mass deportation. Wi... More »
Neighborhood Wal-Mart     03/24/2013
While loading my car some 20 something peddled up on his bike  asking for spare change. I ... More »
Re: Wreck it Ralph     03/24/2013
Good flick, even better is Legend of the Guardians (just out in Redbox).... More »
Re: Pods     03/24/2013
Where not supposed to, but someone had had a pod in their driveway for the past month. they are movi... More »
Saw Another one today     03/23/2013
Out of state platees (Iowa) with a stupid Obama/Biden bumper sticker.I can here the conversation fro... More »
Re: job     03/23/2013 ... More »

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