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Re: Comrades in Egypt attacking Muslim Brotherhood     06/29/2013
Obama will be upset. Those are his boys. What;s that great saying from the Green Berets. "Kill 'em a... More »
Re: All Kingwood Realtors here comes EXXON     06/29/2013
If I worked at Exxon I would be looking at homes north of the Woodlands. ... More »
All KDC Ladies Y'all are fired...     06/29/2013
because y'all are too hot! More »
Re: Abortion     06/28/2013
What is the definition of a teen pregnancy. IS it a teen that gets pregnancy and delivers the child,... More »
Re: Are American Children Too Spoiled     06/28/2013
IT's not the kids, it's parents and grown ups refusing to grow up and be parents. They just want to ... More »
Re: Abortion     06/28/2013
Schools need to do a better job at teaching what the word "racism' means. Here you go @evancarrolfro... More »
Re: Abortion     06/28/2013
@EvanCarroll  or  ... More »
Re: Hernandez     06/28/2013
You can take the boy out of the hood, but not the hood out of the boy. This why I am very careful to... More »
Re: sad news this evening....     06/27/2013
Sorry @WJO. ... More »
Re: Abortion     06/27/2013
@EvanCarroll I suspect those states have a higher minority rate as well.Why does it matter?  In th... More »
Re: Abortion     06/27/2013
See how much trouble our society has become as we have moved further away from God. Teach the 10 com... More »
Re: Wedding traditions     06/27/2013
Like it or not these have to be on the play list:We are familyCelebration ... More »
Re: need some advice from my Kingwood clan     06/27/2013
@GoldenGirl Good friend from HS picked up and moved up north for a better title and pay. 1 year late... More »
Re: Have you noticed?     06/27/2013
It's sad, other countries mistake him for Herman Munster. ... More »
Re: Hernandez     06/27/2013
All I know is that I am tired of ESPN becoming another news outlet. Every month it's another news st... More »
Re: Hernandez     06/27/2013
Sadly, there are still people out there that would welcome him onto their team, while booing Tim Teb... More »
Re: Bananas     06/27/2013
My conspiracy theory is that the produce distributors freeze their produce, thaw and deliver. Not on... More »
Re: need some advice from my Kingwood clan     06/27/2013
Here are my thougths:It's really tough on older kids to transfer, no so much for the little ones. So... More »
Re: For or Against or Dont Care     06/27/2013
I am for religious freedom, the traditional family unit that creates the best environment to raise... More »
Enchilada Lasagna     06/27/2013
Might have to give this a try More »

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