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Re: 3 Dark Facts About Cruise Lines     06/04/2013
@Retired_Engineer There are hundreds of cruise lines with hundreds of ship going out daily. I think ... More »
Re: 3 Dark Facts About Cruise Lines     06/04/2013
I envision the guy writing the article is some balding pony-tail wearing environazi that hasn't been... More »
Re: Someone tearing down Lost Yorkie KYLA Black and Gold Sherwoodtrails/Elm Grove Cash reward     06/04/2013
How long have the signs been posted. I take the signs down around our neighborhood if they have be... More »
Re: School Rant     06/04/2013
The only time when my son got a lower than expected grade was when he was assigned to a group. ... More »
Ted Cruz: Get Rid of IRS/Flat Tax     06/04/2013
This makes so much sense that it will never happen.Cruz said abolish the IRS and enact a flat tax. I... More »
Re: Dog behavior training     06/04/2013
Price of trainig is still less than plastic surgery to fix a dog bite. If you keep the dog, he dog... More »
Re: Water Well     06/04/2013
You could have them prior to Houson Annexing Kingwood. Those are probably grandfathered in.... More »
School Rant     06/04/2013
Just a couple of issues that are a bit frustrating:I love our teachers but come on. Assigning projec... More »
Re: Water Well     06/04/2013
Can't have them in most of  Kingwood. There is one in Porter.... More »
Re: People - This is an important message!     06/04/2013
There was a grea pizza place in Hammond, LA called Tommy's. They made heir pie's with a swee almos s... More »
Re: internet provider     06/04/2013
We have CenturyLink too. No problem wih streaming. I'm still considering Clear.... More »
Re: Opinions on ROTC     06/04/2013
I had many friends that were part of ROTC in HS and College. Not many from HS ROTC went on to serve.... More »
Re: Sprinkler system     06/04/2013
King Cove Systems has been excellent with repairs. Very affordable. They are in Forest Cove.(281) 35... More »
Re: Buffoons     06/04/2013
It's not just bluetooth guy. It's anybody trying to text while they are in the store. At least once ... More »
Re: Atascocita Bike Barn Rocks!!!     06/03/2013
They are good, so is Sprockets off of Ford road. Really cool bike shop. ... More »
Watch out Ladies..     06/03/2013
The surgeon general will be putting a warning tattoo down there.. More »
Re: Town Center Jobs?     06/03/2013
At least she is taking the initiative to try and find a job. What she is doing is no different than ... More »
Re: Cheer Laundry Detergent     06/03/2013
Borax can make ant dtergent great. Even dishwasher detergent. Ever since cascade and the rest cut ou... More »
Re: Town Center Jobs?     06/02/2013
@Selena Give Bike Werks in Town Center a try. ... More »
Have a great weekend y'all!     05/31/2013
I am outta here. Heading out to have a "meeting" with some customers.   ... More »

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