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Re: dog grooming school     10/13/2012
There is one in Houston called Golden Paws, but honestly.... nothing from what I have seen is any go... More »
Re: I am a New Homeschooling MOM. Help     08/24/2012
I am also homeschooling for the first time.  My daughter is in 6 th grade and we are starting with ... More »
Re: Has anyone been to CFA today?     08/01/2012
I went and had excellent food and service as always. CFAis the only fast food place that has never s... More »
Suggestions for a good scary yet not gory movie     07/02/2012
Strangers!!! For sure!... More »
Petstylist     07/02/2012
I didn't mean people were heartless because they don't help my Dog. I was referring to people that w... More »
Re:     07/02/2012
OK.. per your suggestions, I contacted Porter Vet- The receptionist did not know what LCP was.  Whe... More »
What the heck is going on?     07/02/2012
I am so sorry for my original post asking for help for my dog. I have asking to remove ... More »
Petstylist     07/02/2012
Thank you Jamie. It was certainly hard for me to post asking for help. I guess I jumped to assumptio... More »
Re:     07/02/2012
OK OK... I get it... Nevermind.... More »
Re:     07/02/2012
There is a site you can go to and set up a fundraiser it's Set one up and I will donat... More »
Re:     07/02/2012
Thank you all for your suggestions, but I'm not looking for a cheaper vet. and surgery is the only o... More »
My dog needs surgery     07/01/2012
No it's not ACL. It's LCP and the surgery will be done by Dr. Payne at the North Houston Veterinaria... More »
My dog needs surgery     07/01/2012
@Lola Renny just turned one about a week ago. ... More »
My dog needs surgery     07/01/2012
[ Removed by Request ] ... More »
Firework idiot in a Atascocita south     07/01/2012
I love fireworks too and certainly expect and don't mind them on certain dates of the year. I should... More »
Firework idiot in a Atascocita south     07/01/2012
Yes red neck crackheads. I say that because I can't imagine any civilized person causing a nuisance ... More »
Firework idiot in a Atascocita south     06/30/2012
In case you don't read the boards. Who ever is the freaking idiot is that keeps set... More »
I want to be a dog breeder     06/30/2012
Now that I have your attention I have something I must say. There are different kinds of breeder... More »
Re:     06/28/2012
Okay Jamie..... No need to brag about how much fun you're having in the bedroom! Haha. Jk... More »
I'm not too smart about these things     06/28/2012
So as a business owner, I will be required to offer my employees insurance benefits? Looks like I w... More »

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