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Re: Safety44     09/03/2016
Prayers sent for both of you!  ... More »
Re: Who likes tacos?     09/02/2016
I love that commercial! [url][/url]... More »
Re: Waiting for UPS doesn't make them come any faster!     09/02/2016
During one of my online shopping sprees a week ago, I ordered something from a golf shop in the UK. ... More »
Felt like Christmas around here!     08/31/2016
My back started giving me problems about 10 days ago.  Couldn't golf, couldn't do housework :cry:, ... More »
Re: tool cleaner     08/30/2016
@ET: Disclaimer:  In cold water, please allow for shrinkage.  ;)... More »
Re: Rick Perry to join Dancing with the "Stars"     08/30/2016
OMG.  No way........    ... More »
Re: eBay, BOA, "Your connection is not private, hackers may be trying to get in"     08/29/2016
@Stealth83: Yep, eBay is still going strong.  :ok:  :)... More »
Re: Canine Visitors At KDC Headquarters     08/29/2016
@angiekaye: Read his update above ^^^, dated Aug. 24, 2016 - 12:47pm.  Looks like they have fou... More »
Re: And so it ends...     08/28/2016
Retirement is wonderful.  What day is it again?  :giggle:... More »
Re: I'm glad this weekend is over...     08/28/2016
Yep.  Some people just suck.  :mad:  :hug:... More »
Re: Obituaries     08/28/2016
"...except Bob, he never liked you Bob."  :laugh:  Great obit!... More »
Re: Sad News From KDC     08/27/2016
I'm so sorry to hear this.  Sounds like she was a lovely person, inside and out.  Prayers for her ... More »
Re: How To Explain Something to Business Women     08/26/2016
@podunk: Well of coarse it is......   :crazy:... More »
Re: How To Explain Something to Business Women     08/26/2016
GIST !!!!!!!... More »
Re: How To Explain Something to Business Women     08/26/2016
And it's COURSE of action.So.....  did the "business women" feel you were being condescending? ... More »
Re: Partners in crime     08/26/2016
Hoo-boy, she's got her hands full with those two!... More »
Re: Watermellon Smash!     08/26/2016
OMGosh, that guy has the best videos.  I've just spent the last hour scrolling down and watching th... More »
Re: Lost family dog! His name is Rocky!     08/26/2016
update?... More »
Re: Natural headache remedies....     08/26/2016
I've heard Gatorade works for headaches, especially migraines.  Good luck with the interview!... More »
Re: My 15 anniversary     08/25/2016
Cheers!  :champagne:... More »

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