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Re: Lost Dog     04/01/2017
I've seen these flyers all over the place the last week or so.  Just got an email from More »
Re: Soooo your kids have all grown up....     03/31/2017
Since ours are now grown and out of the house and making their own money at decent jobs, we've start... More »
Re: I would rather get a butt whuppin than     03/31/2017
You missed a spot.:laugh:That's a lot of work, and it looks great. :ok:   Oil base paint?  That wo... More »
Re: A Special Happy Birthday!!!     03/30/2017
Hope you had a great day today, Joe.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!... More »
Re: Finally, good news!     03/30/2017
That's great news on all counts.  Happy for you!  :ok:  ... More »
Re: Prayer request - Safety44     03/29/2017
Prayer sent.  ... More »
Re: Two found boxers     03/27/2017
We lived in Hawaii for a few years and they have a fantastic spaying and neutering program.  We... More »
Re: Two found boxers     03/27/2017
Yep, it's a double edge sword.  We have so many unwanted pets in shelters that we encourage people ... More »
Re: you guilty of this??     03/27/2017
Leaving every light on in every room you've been in.Going outside to read the newspaper on the patio... More »
Re: United makes the news again---over nothing     03/27/2017
Used to be you could easily tell who all the non-revs were.  They were the ONLY people who were dre... More »
Re: Husky found in Woodstream     03/26/2017
@MarthanielTHANK YOU so much for coming back and letting us know the end of the story.  I'm so glad... More »
Window screen repair/replacement     03/25/2017
We've got some 1st floor window screens with tears or holes in them (thank you lizard chasing dog...... More »
Re: Springfest     03/25/2017
@Annie: [url][/url]... More »
Re: Rodeo?!     03/24/2017
Try the fried Oreos!!   :yum:... More »
Re: Scan Results     03/22/2017
What great news to read first thing this morning!!  Made my nose all prickly and my eyes blurry.  ... More »
Re: Husky found in Woodstream     03/21/2017
This is mind boggling.  I don't even know what to think.  Wouldn't the people who claimed him have... More »
Re: Scans Tomorrow     03/21/2017
Prayer sent, sweet Ann.  Love you!  :heart:... More »
Re: Found dog- female Pekingese in 77346     03/21/2017
That IS the same dog.  Weird.  Wonder how it got from someone's yard in Elm Grove two days ago, to... More »
Re: Tom shady Brady jersey     03/20/2017
... More »
Lawn question     03/20/2017
Picked up some Scotts Weed n Feed today.  Is it time to fertilize the lawn yet?... More »

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