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Re: beet salad     06/17/2017
@ExBlue: And mine too!  Blech... More »
Re: Prayers please if you don't mind.     06/16/2017
You got it!  Prayer sent.  ... More »
Re: Are You "Grounded"     06/15/2017
@ExBlue: It's never too late!  As the old Chinese proverb goes, "The best time to... More »
Re: Are You "Grounded"     06/15/2017
Just came across this quote this morning.  This thread reminded me of it.“I’m not telling you t... More »
Re: O'Connor Property Tax Reduction Experts     05/31/2017
@Ebola: If you're over 65 (? I'm not sure of the age), they take only 25% of the a... More »
Re: I'm officially...     05/27/2017
Oh I LOVE her!  And I LOVE her name.  Such a blessing.  Congrats Gramps!  :ok:... More »
Re: What is a food that you absolutely HATE?     05/22/2017
Liver and lima beans.  Yeachhhhh!  :sick:... More »
Re: When Parents Snap     05/19/2017
:laugh:    Love this!... More »
Re: Dad update     05/17/2017
I'm very sorry.  ... More »
Re: Broken Heart and salt in the wound     05/10/2017
I am so sorry for your loss.  My heart aches for you.  :heartbroken:... More »
Re: 12:34 - 1:23     05/06/2017
I got 10:27  :)But my favorite time is  11:11.... More »
Re: Ann2800 update     05/04/2017
Yay!!!!!!   What great news to start the day today.  My prayers for you continue.  Hugs to you de... More »
Re: New TV Series, GENIUS, About Einstein.....     05/02/2017
We watched it too and really enjoyed the first episode.  Looks to be a good series.... More »
Re: Found Yorkie     04/29/2017
It's a long shot (also a very long way to travel for such a little guy), but someone lost one from A... More »
Re: Just want to say I'm sorry.     04/29/2017
Well E X C U U U U U U U S E    M E E E E E E E E E!!    ;)... More »
Re: Emergency Room visit     04/26/2017
I'm sorry to hear this.  Adding my prayers for our sweet Ann.  We love you, Ann.... More »
Re: my heart is breaking .......     04/26/2017
@WJo, I'm so very sorry.  How heartbreaking indeed, and your post made me cry just imagining the so... More »
Re: To the lady that almost ran over my dog this morning     04/25/2017
How scary!  Glad everything turned out well this morning and the driver was paying attention.... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     04/25/2017
Thank you KDC!  What a nice surprise!!... More »
Re: Make me a spam sammich     04/25/2017
Love some Spam Musubi![youtube][/youtube]... More »

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