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Re: So long September     09/30/2016
And helloooooooooo October.[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: *snicker*     09/30/2016
Yep, we're screwed either way.  Let's just turn our country over to the UN.  ... More »
Re: Found a lost dog     09/29/2016
Yay!!  Nice job!... More »
Re: Ugh-I need an intervention     09/28/2016
OMG he's so CUTE!!  Looks like just what you need.  I mean, how could you NOT fall in love with th... More »
Re: What the?     09/26/2016
Glad you had a good first day.  Bet your wife had a wonderful day too!  ;)  :giggle:... More »
Re: My foster Lenny!     09/22/2016
Oh such great news for Lenny!  Hope he continues to recover and is soon running normally.  He's a ... More »
Re: Halloween Costumes     09/21/2016
One of you is the bacon and the other is the egg.  (Substitute child for dog.  ;)  )... More »
Re: FOUND DOG!!!!!!!     09/20/2016
Yay for the Pit!!  :dog:Now the Jolie-Pitt news.... meh, don't care so much.  :dull:... More »
Any news?  Owners found?... More »
Re: Guess what I won     09/19/2016
Cool!And I'm going to see Adele in November!  Can't wait.  But sure wish I'd won the tickets inste... More »
Re: Gather round chillren a i tell ya a bed time story     09/19/2016
OMG brings back such good memories!  Loved that dance and the schottische too.  Good times.... More »
Re: Amazon smile     09/17/2016
[url][/url]I use this all the time!  It's exactly like Amazon.  In... More »
Re: Kingwood Toddler Found Unresponsive In Pool     09/17/2016
Such sadness.  Prayers sent for Elizabeth and her family.  May she rest in heavenly peace.... More »
Re: Hi KDC Family     09/16/2016
Yayyyyy!  :cheer:    Doing the Happy Dance here for you.Thanks for the update.  We've all been w... More »
Re: Does Anyone Remember the Name of This Made For Television Movie?     09/16/2016
Okay now *I* wanna know.  What was it????   :question:@Zoey... More »
Re: If Something Happens To Hillary     09/16/2016
Oh when will this all be over........  ?!?!?!... More »
Re: Tomorrow is     09/14/2016
Love you Ann2800!  Be sure to wear something with big pockets so we can all climb in and be with yo... More »
Re: Joel 2:23 1 Peter 1:15-16     09/14/2016
[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Watcha eating for dinner?     09/13/2016
Shrimp in a wine sauce with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and basil.  Served over noodles.  ... More »
Re: Surprised my daughter     09/12/2016
Sweet.  She's lucky to have such a thoughtful dad.  :ok:... More »

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