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Re: Chocolate lab running on KW drive     02/22/2017
@sweetie: I was out driving around the same areas earlier as well.  No sign of th... More »
Re: Why did the potbelly pig thread get locked?     02/22/2017
I was also wondering why the thread got locked.  The last response was removed by the admin.... More »
Re: Forest cove/ Lakewood cove     02/21/2017
When you call the police, you need to state "I'm in fear for my life."   Apparently that gets them ... More »
Re: Alligators     02/20/2017
Yep, there's gators in the ponds and lakes of the golf course.  And a few years ago a friend who li... More »
Re: Love What Matters     02/20/2017
Wow.  Very touching.  Thanks for sharing that.... More »
Re: Chronicle on the Corner     02/20/2017
@Faffon,   I believe the street vendors are not directly employed by the Chronicle, but by independ... More »
Re: Chronicle on the Corner     02/19/2017
@Fallon: Anyone willing to stand out there every week in all kinds of weather defi... More »
Re: Doggie DNA?     02/19/2017
I did it thru my vet.  He took a blood sample and sent it in to the company.  The blood sample is ... More »
Re: Did your daughter hit my SUV today?     02/18/2017
Sorry that happened to your car.  If she's old enough to drive, then she's definitely old enough to... More »
Re: LACEY - Missing dog spotted on Kingwood Drive     02/18/2017
I've been out of the house all day, and this is wonderful news to come home to!  :ok:... More »
Re: Time to hang out with my buddy hunger again.     02/18/2017
@ILoveReading: Yes, we drink them too and they taste pretty good and have 30 grams... More »
Re: Not sure what to think about this idea     02/18/2017
One of my friends husband was a street performer, a very eclectic guy.  I don't know if he told her... More »
Re: To my KDC friends     02/18/2017
@Anne2800I am also so sorry you are at this point in your journey.  But it sounds like you are at p... More »
Re: Prayers for my fur baby please     02/17/2017
Thanks for the update.  I hope it brings a bit of comfort to know what is going on, and I also hope... More »
Re: Time to hang out with my buddy hunger again.     02/17/2017
Simple math:  Calories in need to be less than calories out/expended.  Double goodness:  Up the e... More »
Re: Prayers for my fur baby please     02/16/2017
Sending good :dog: vibes for little Smores!  Please keep us posted!... More »
Re: Write a sad story only using 3 words!     02/15/2017
Missing him always.... More »
Re: Pray please     02/14/2017
You've got an army of friends pulling for you @Ann2800.  And praying for you as well.  You have to... More »
Re: It Smells Downtown     02/13/2017
I just smelled smoke about an hour ago in Kingwood.... More »
Re: Grammy's     02/12/2017
This show is a complete train wreck.  ... More »

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