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Re: Kings Mill Trash Collection (Question)     01/31/2017
Yep.  Two things in life that are impossible to get rid of.  Herpes and a trash can.  ;)... More »
Re: Bud Clydesdales horses in Houston     01/31/2017
Thanks!  Those horses are so beautiful!... More »
Re: RESCUE - black momma dog     01/31/2017
Just got back home and read the good news.  So glad I could help!  That poor girl has covered a lo... More »
RESCUE - black momma dog     01/31/2017
@lola: ... More »
RESCUE - black momma dog     01/31/2017
Just spotted at kingwood country club across from parking lot!!! Could not stop as I'm running late... More »
Re: My birds     01/29/2017
So they're not in there muttering "Hey, sure wish someone would turn off that d@mn light so we could... More »
Re: Shout out KDC family     01/27/2017
Hi  @Ann2800!   :wave:   Sending good thoughts your way.... More »
Re: Dancing Dog     01/27/2017
@AuthorMan: Either that, or .... Let me in because I need to go out again.... More »
Re: Trump and the media.     01/25/2017
Well it IS kinda entertaining.  Seems we've been turning on the news the past week just to find out... More »
Re: Has anyone had a car transported?     01/23/2017
There are several transport companies, and they're basically all the same.  Just call around, or po... More »
Re: No Jade Eggs in your lady parts     01/23/2017
Well darn!!  What are we supposed to do with our jade eggs now??? Classifieds?  :la... More »
Re: Lost Dog     01/18/2017
Great news!!... More »
Re: Amy Wood, M.D. - Dermatology     01/18/2017
My daughter and DH go to her and they both like her.  ... More »
Re: Followup to Lowes Experience     01/18/2017
Way to go!  You showed them!  :ok:  :)... More »
Re: Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/18/2017
I'm so sorry.  My heart hurts for you, as I know that pain all too well.  Sending good thoughts yo... More »
Re: Anyone know why Channel 2 News was at Riverwood?     01/16/2017
Students bought an RV for a single mom and her 3 children.  It was just on the news.... More »
Re: Where, oh where is doddlebug?     01/16/2017
:laugh:... More »
Re: Cowboys     01/15/2017
Yes, it was a very exciting game!  :ok:... More »
Re: BB&B Store clearance sale     01/14/2017
@calguyAre they closing that store?... More »
Re: Texans     01/14/2017
Yay!  :cheer:... More »

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