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Re: Found Pet Rabbit     11/07/2016
@CantStandTex: Yep.  Popular pastime here. ... More »
Re: maillman     11/06/2016
peter?  ... More »
Re: Are Panda cubs worse than children?     11/05/2016
Those panda cubs need some toys to play with!  ... More »
Re: maillman     11/04/2016
@CantStandTex: Okay then to make it easier for you, just read donnatella's post above.  ... More »
Re: maillman     11/04/2016
@CantStandTex: Yes, I know "eugene" the poster said "he" (the mailman) has a beard.  JerryJusti... More »
Re: maillman     11/04/2016
@JerryJustice: Does he have a beard?... More »
Re: Sandyknee     11/03/2016
Maybe part Toller?  The coloring is a little off, as they're usually a lot more red, but I know the... More »
Re: Prayers Requested     11/02/2016
You got it, sweet lady!  Prayers sent.  ((hugs))... More »
Re: My dog's surgery     11/01/2016
Sending puppy prayers for Lola that the surgery is successful and that she will return to good healt... More »
Re: Heartworm positive     10/31/2016
@RogueHippEE: They probably wanted someone (you) to fall in love with her first before telling y... More »
Re: Safety44 & Ann2800     10/29/2016
Keeping them both in my prayers and good thoughts.... More »
Re: It's official     10/25/2016
Congrats!  I lived in Aurora for a few years back in the 80's and loved the area.Good luck to you a... More »
Re: Any Food Suggestions For Very Finicky Dogs?     10/25/2016
Pampered Paws is no longer located off Woodland Hills.  They have moved to Kingwood Drive, next to ... More »
Re: Lost Dog     10/25/2016
Is this the same dog?  Just got this one in an email from ... More »
Re:     10/24/2016
@thegoodwife: My NONSENSE?  I'll take my nonsense over your rudeness any day thank you very muc... More »
Re: RIP My golden boy     10/23/2016
I'm so sorry, and also know your pain all too well.  Hugs to you.... More »
Re:     10/23/2016
Okay we all know Fofa can (and does) post pics til the cows come home.  But some of us wanted to kn... More »
Re:     10/23/2016
Okay what happened?  Besides she found 2 dogs.  :question:... More »
Re: Baby Jax got engaged tonight     10/22/2016
@jaxWonderful news!!  Congrats to her and your family.  Some exciting times ahead.  I'm glad she'... More »
Re: I need a Help Group...     10/21/2016
My one seasonal pumpkin craving is pumpkin ice cream.  Anyone seen it in stores yet?... More »

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