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Re: Multiple car accident on Kingwood Dr     07/03/2017
Crazy kids.  That's an expensive lesson to learn.  But it could have been so much worse.  Glad ev... More »
Re: I Do Not Get This PETA Ad.     07/03/2017
@FoFa: Hey, you asked.  Why NOT go to the source for your answer?   LOL   It's just a website. ... More »
Re: I Do Not Get This PETA Ad.     07/03/2017
A quick trip to, and you will see an explanation:"The ads show a cow, a pig, or a chicken l... More »
Re: Hey people!     07/03/2017
@starryskies67: Well you forgot ME, so nope I'm not responding.  :tongue:... More »
Re: my trusted     07/02/2017
Lucky dog!  Love the splotches on his coat.... More »
Re: Dogs don't like .....     07/02/2017
Ugghh, looks like we can find just about anything to argue about here.....Happy 4th, KDC!  :flag:... More »
Re: Dogs don't like .....     07/01/2017
@detachedgarage: Hey, how is your pup doing?  ... More »
Aaaauuuuughhhh! Is it just me?     06/30/2017
Is it just me? Or does this woman's voice make you want to pull your teeth out too?!  When it comes... More »
Re: Prayer request     06/29/2017
@lola, I'm just now seeing this.  It sounds like the doc has a plan.  When will her surgery be don... More »
Re: Watch out for Lizards     06/29/2017
:sick:... More »
Re: No, Peaches, don't argue, just move along     06/28/2017
Sounds like Peaches didn't get the office script/handbook.  Or at least read the page that says ped... More »
Re: Service call. Reasonable? (Plumber)     06/28/2017
Do you have a local phone book?  There are coupons in the back for lots of companies offering d... More »
Re: Whataburger shutting down for good?     06/27/2017
Gotta be fakes news.  Real news doesn't have typos.  Right?  ;)... More »
Re: MAC! .....     06/27/2017
Pffffftttt!  I love my Mac.  And it loves me.  :heart:   :tongue:... More »
Re: Ann2800 update     06/26/2017
Just now seeing this and have added my prayers for you.  Will be thinking of you especially tomorro... More »
Re: Lost Dog in Atascocita     06/25/2017
Yes, I also thought the OP was posting that they had lost their dog.  If not, then it should read F... More »
Re: Carpet - Pick a color...     06/21/2017
8... More »
Re: tongue chewing??     06/20/2017
I think the tongue chewing is just a bad habit.  Like nail biting.  But what do I know. ... More »
Re: Old woman lost wondering Kingwood     06/20/2017
@Ray: Yeah, I know you're okay, you old crocodile.  ... More »
Re: Old woman lost wondering Kingwood     06/20/2017
@plakata: Ouch!!!  Take it easy with our dear @Ray, will ya?  :)... More »

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