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Re: Emergency Room visit     04/26/2017
I'm sorry to hear this.  Adding my prayers for our sweet Ann.  We love you, Ann.... More »
Re: my heart is breaking .......     04/26/2017
@WJo, I'm so very sorry.  How heartbreaking indeed, and your post made me cry just imagining the so... More »
Re: To the lady that almost ran over my dog this morning     04/25/2017
How scary!  Glad everything turned out well this morning and the driver was paying attention.... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     04/25/2017
Thank you KDC!  What a nice surprise!!... More »
Re: Make me a spam sammich     04/25/2017
Love some Spam Musubi![youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Lost Papillon in Greentree     04/24/2017
Great news!!... More »
Re: Vacation Ideas     04/21/2017
Sunriver Resort in OR.   If you're into the great outdoors and the Pacific NW, there's tons to do..... More »
Re: POOL?     04/21/2017
Now that the kids are grown and moved out, it has become the dogs' pool.  They both love it!  It's... More »
Re: Results     04/21/2017
Sending hugs and good thoughts while we wait.  (((Ann2800)))... More »
Re: Prayer Request     04/20/2017
You got it Ann!  Prayers sent.  Now awaiting your good news!... More »
Re: Can't wait till morning.....     04/18/2017
@OldGuy: Be nice.  He was working on that for 8 minutes.   :giggle:... More »
Re: Another bumped man apology.....     04/18/2017
It's Yao Ming!... More »
Re: has changed since I've been gone     04/17/2017
@mm4731: Wait.....   You've been gone?    :laugh:(okay, so where did you go?)... More »
Re: dog training question     04/16/2017
Oh just get him his very own doggie doorbell.  :)[url] More »
Re: Kid & bluberry question?     04/16/2017
From their website:   [url][/url]We are now closed, and we sho... More »
Re: dog training question     04/16/2017
Well if she doesn't bark to let you know she wants in, how will you know?  You won't hear anything ... More »
Re: classical/instrumental music recommendations     04/15/2017
Anyone remember the Hooked on Classics series from the early 80's?  Those were great.[youtube]https... More »
Re: dog training question     04/15/2017
Does she know how to "speak" on command?  If so, when she's outside and wants in, yell thru the doo... More »
Re: U.S. drops MOAB     04/13/2017
@VIP: You bragging or complaining.  Sometimes it's hard to tell.  ;)... More »
Re: Lost Dog/Greentree area     04/13/2017
Great news!  ... More »

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