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Re: Escaped husky     07/23/2017
Yay!  Glad you got her back.  ... More »
Re: Feel pretty bad today     07/22/2017
One way to look at it is that you could be doing him a favor.  After all, it just could be the wake... More »
Re: Clubs if of Kingwood pool day     07/20/2017
Whiners gonna whine.  I hope everyone who attends has a fantastic time.  From:  [url]https://life... More »
Re: Update 2800     07/20/2017
Love, prayers and good thoughts being sent your way, dear Ann2800.  :heart:... More »
Re: National Hot Day Day     07/19/2017
Costco has THE BEST hot dogs!!  :yum:   Great price too!... More »
Re: Contact Lenses     07/17/2017
Maybe she really DID think they dissolved after a month, so just added new ones.  :crazy:... More »
Re: Lost Dogs Trailwood Village     07/17/2017
Any luck on finding the dog?  Have the owners been notified?  I feel bad for them.  ... More »
Re: Some excitement on vacation     07/16/2017
(double post)... More »
Re: Some excitement on vacation     07/16/2017
Wow, that WAS some excitement!  I'm so glad y'all made it through that okay.... More »
Re: Dfuyvhuuwoeqdiuoewrnfiuoewrhfoihewrdfui ew     07/16/2017
:question:   Huh?... More »
Re: Pup pics thread!     07/16/2017
She's a beauty for sure!!  ... More »
Re: Missing Your Dog?     07/15/2017
Poor thing.  Hope he wasn't dumped there and he's waiting for his owner to return.....  :cry:... More »
Re: Wagon Draggin'     07/15/2017
Yep, guilty of stupidity for sure.  And she didn't even understand what the problem was.  She's do... More »
Re: Prayer request     07/14/2017
Awesome news!!!  Doing the happy dance for you and your girl.  :)... More »
Re: **HOT TOPIC WEDNESDAY** If you knew...     07/12/2017
@buffaloglenn: Point taken.  BUT... Many important life decisions and plans can b... More »
Re: **HOT TOPIC WEDNESDAY** If you knew...     07/12/2017
@buffaloglenn: It could have made a huge difference!  I sure wish someone had tol... More »
Re: Fromm dog food     07/10/2017
Fromm also has the program where you clip the UPC code from the back of their bags and when you get ... More »
Re: My wife in hospital     07/09/2017
Thanks for the update.  That's good news!  Good thoughts for her continue, and hope she will be ho... More »
Re: The Clubs Of Kingwood Issues Statement     07/08/2017
Sounds like an extremely nice gesture to me.  But then again, as we've seen here, haters gonna hate... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/05/2017
Aaaauuuughghhhh!!!!!    This is getting worse than that damn Pronamel commercial.   ... More »

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