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Re: Phone Off Fun On     10/18/2017
Is conversate really a word?  If it is, I really dislike that word. ... More »
Re: Update     10/18/2017
Adding my prayers and love for you sweet @Ann2800.  ... More »
Re: Bronco game     10/16/2017
Broncos didn't look very good tonight.  Darn.... More »
Re: Just want to Say.......     10/15/2017
Laughter is good for the soul. ... More »
Re: Safety deposit boxes, outcome?     10/15/2017
Were the safe deposit boxes at Bank of America on West Lake Houston affected?  Anyone know?... More »
Re: The outside is done for the house     10/14/2017
Great job!  We're several months behind you........ More »
Re: My Sweet DOG Died this Morning.........     10/13/2017
@Traveler500 I'm so sorry for your loss.  It's a loss I know all too well.  Hugs to you and your k... More »
Re: Some good karma     10/12/2017
@Grimmie: @ChrisinKingwood    ^^^Ditto!... More »
Re: G'nite all.     10/12/2017
Night, JohnBoy!  :sleep:... More »
Re: Flood insurance content list extension     10/12/2017
We promised ours to be completed around the 15th of this month, when our adjuster is returning.  I'... More »
Re: People and the beach, it's the same everywhere     10/09/2017
I'm loving your posts too!  Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.  :ok:... More »
Re: NO!!! JJ Watt injured.     10/09/2017
:cry:... More »
Re: Watching people drink too much     10/07/2017
Haha!  And here I was looking forward to more lovely pictures from @Chrisinkingwood.  What?  No p... More »
Re: It was like a scene from I Love Lucy     10/06/2017
Ha!  Thanks for the morning laugh.  Hope your face is feeling better.... More »
Re: Internet radio     10/06/2017
I like the TuneIn Radio app too.  Lots of interesting stations.... More »
Re: A day bird watching with "twitchers" in Namibia     10/05/2017
What a great picture!  They look so graceful, like they're just floating/gliding.  ... More »
Re: Update Ann2800     10/04/2017
@Ann2800, You remain in my prayers, and you are so very loved.  ... More »
Re: mdizzle's back. was it worth the wait??     10/03/2017
I think this is where we're all supposed to say, in unison... fo' shizzle, mdizzle.   Right?  :ok:... More »
Re: is the rooster worth the wait?     10/03/2017
As long as he brings his cock-a-doodle-doo!  ... More »
Re: Are "you" worth the wait?     10/03/2017
I must be.  My husband says he always has to wait for me.  ;)... More »

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