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Wait, shipping KHS Kids 45 minutes away for entire year????     09/03/2017
@Dbstelly: HEB is a warehouse. Literarily 4 walls to fix, change the shelves and you're good... More »
Sharkeys     09/02/2017
Every single business in Kings Harbor was flooded. They interviewed the owner of Berry Bar in ch... More »
Police impersonators     08/29/2017
The mayor and the chief of police just announced that theee have been reports from Kingwood about po... More »
Re: Los Cucos Kingwood     12/12/2016
@ET: Spit I can handle. No flavor is th problem.  ... More »
Re: Los Cucos Kingwood     12/12/2016
@dac1842: They took swift and decisive action. They should not be punished for the decision of a... More »
Re: Fosters Mill Sex Offender     12/03/2016
Video?... More »
How is it possible to be an elector at 19?     12/02/2016
Irrespective of the opinion you may have about faithless electors, who would ever think it was a g... More »
Re: .....I Almost Got Scammed, Dudes.... HOME SCAM     11/27/2016
The passport and picture ID are probably somone else's.Beware. Scammers are successful because they ... More »
Maybe he thinks she's suffered enough     11/22/2016
She needs to be found guilty of a crime to be pardoned. She needs to be prosecuted to be found guilt... More »
Re: Maybe he thinks she's suffered enough     11/22/2016
Trump won't keep his promises. Kudos to him for identifying what people wanted to hear and winning t... More »
Texans vs Raiders ( Return of Carr)     11/17/2016
Game is on Monday!... More »
Has anyone homeschooled until 2nd grade in Humble ISD?     11/16/2016
I was going to post something and the. Read @fallon's response and she basically said everything I w... More »
59 s accident     11/16/2016
Channel 2 is reporting the drive time from Kingwood drive is 105 munutes! Only one lane open. ... More »
Plans for The Wall start to materialize     11/13/2016
@dt3001: a wall isn't either. And the cost is prohibitive. And you can use the technology to pre... More »
Does your spouse have your password?     11/12/2016
I told my friend that my wife has my phone password and I know hers. I have never had any interest... More »
Plans for The Wall start to materialize     11/12/2016
The wall will not get done. It would be huge mistake and the border can be secured for a tiny fracti... More »
Donald Trump WINS The Presidency!     11/09/2016
I am surprised about the result but I was going to be disappointed either way. It's a sad situatio... More »
Tuesday's Contest Winner     11/08/2016
@KingwoodDotCom: Now that's a rigged election! ... More »
Election Prediction     11/08/2016
@WskyTngoFxtrt: media manipulation is a big factor, but not the decisive one. The reason the rep... More »
Looking for Hungarian tutor     11/08/2016
I heard Kayzer Soze is offering lessons. ... More »

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