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Water on North Park Dr.?     06/03/2016
Traffic going out of kingwood at 6pm on a Friday I'd always backed up...coming in is fine i just cam... More »
He has 35 kids but he's going for 100     06/03/2016
I thought for a minute this article could be about my husband..he in all honesty if I let him would ... More »
Movies     06/03/2016
@Grimmie: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!... More »
Kingwood drive and northpark!!     06/02/2016
Guess we will be eating late again tonight. ... More »
Anywhere else out of water?     06/02/2016
@carolinagirl: I'm not in sand creek butI know @fallon is...... More »
Movies     06/02/2016
Ya know what I noticed that showbiz isn't doing those cheap movies this summer...I was really lookin... More »
Kingwood drive and northpark!!     06/02/2016
@Bearfin: Probably because of the rain ... More »
Rain     06/02/2016
I'm so over this rain........ More »
Those Emergency Alerts...     06/01/2016
I wish you could choose what type of weather alert you know about. Like the flood warning do... More »
What would you do if husband called you a "whore?"     06/01/2016
@podunk: :laugh:... More »
Kingwood DR or Northpark. Flooded?     06/01/2016
@Khoutx: Northpark is fine. Hubs just came from there ... More »
What's for dinner?     06/01/2016
Steaks tonight here!... More »
Tell me it isn't so!     06/01/2016
My 14 year old is going to be so disappointed :laugh:... More »
Ectocooler!     05/31/2016
@Weathergirl5: Shut up! That was the drinks of the 80s and 90s!! ... More »
Ectocooler!     05/31/2016
@ET: Honestly,I can't say I ever had tang! ... More »
Ectocooler!     05/31/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Haha! I seriously haven't tasted this stuff since the early 90s!... More »
Ectocooler!     05/31/2016
@Ebola: Noooooooooo don't do that! :giggle:... More »
Ectocooler!     05/31/2016
I have been searching High and low for these with no luck today. If anyone sees this let me know! ... More »
Alcohol consumption     05/31/2016
My best friend is a bartender at a local bar in porter. She has one more than one occasion refused t... More »
I need a mystery shopper     05/30/2016
@QueenB: I completely forgot about your email. I read it then someone came to my door haha!!... More »

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