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Bury your head     07/27/2016
God I am so sick and tired of all the arguing over everything. First it's race then it's guns then i... More »
Feel like cutting my hair short     07/27/2016
@MarT: You are just like me!!!! My hair is so long but the only time I ever wear it down is ... More »
Need new cell provider - Done with Verizon     07/26/2016
We just switched from Verizon to sprint. Went from $275 to $200 AND we added an extra phone & more g... More »
Thank you baby jesus for ac repair guys     07/25/2016
I had just talked about this with some friends a few weekends ago. I can stand the heat when I've be... More »
Beadweaver     07/24/2016
@staylifted: Word!! ALWAYS DOWN! ... More »
Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@Cloresch: Aww darn cus he would be going into the same grade as mine! He's like his mom and s... More »
Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@Cloresch: What grade is your youngest going into? I wonder if my youngest has talked about ... More »
Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@Cloresch: How old are your kiddos? I've got 3 boys over here ages 15,12 & 7... More »
Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@Cloresch: You must live in the wrong section than haha! On our street all of our kids play to... More »
30 oz Ozark Trail Tumbler     07/21/2016
Found it at the one on Wilson and beltway 8. Only had 2 more left so we shall see how much more I li... More »
30 oz Ozark Trail Tumbler     07/21/2016
@Jeff1928: Lmao!! I've been in that one as well! ... More »
30 oz Ozark Trail Tumbler     07/21/2016
The porter Walmart is out of them apparently and of course no one is around in this meth infested Wa... More »
30 oz Ozark Trail Tumbler     07/19/2016
@Jeff1928: Thanks for the heads up!... More »
Bidding on something on ebay tonight     07/19/2016
I used to sell a lot on eBay. I use it mostly now for hard to find Cinderella items. ... More »
I broke down and bought     07/19/2016
I saw it at the humble Walmart ... More »
The silly astros     07/18/2016
You have got to watch this video. I love my STROS! More »
Kids trip to Six Flags was way too hot!     07/18/2016
@buffaloglenn: Funny story my youngest once took a huge gulp out of my special water bottle. I... More »
Kids trip to Six Flags was way too hot!     07/18/2016
@Love2Run: Vodka and water look the same :wink: ... More »
Any Pokemon Go gatherings today in Kingwood?     07/16/2016
There was a ton of kids and adults out in kings milk yesterday. I guess we have a gym and 2 pokestop... More »
New Study Why Big Pharma's Fighting Legal Marijuana     07/16/2016
@Stealth83: Just out of curiosity who are you watching?... More »

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