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Any Astro Fans Here?     09/18/2017
Yup and bought Our tickets this afternoon for game 2 of the alds! Doesn't look like I'll be seeing t... More »
Anyone know of a DMV     09/18/2017
And dont forget to teach her to use her signal when parellel parking! ... More »
Pappasitos is closed     09/17/2017
When our drug reps bring us Mexican it's always from pappas! Thank god we had some Thursday ... More »
Yankeejessica. and other Pumpkin Spice fans     09/17/2017
@donnatella: Yes!!!!!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃... More »
Curious... doggie census     09/15/2017
This is our golden Ella. She is the best dog and when that doorbell rings she means business. And by... More »
What is your favorite song out right now?     09/13/2017
@theplaceboutique: Amazing! They put on one hell of a show! ... More »
What is your favorite song out right now?     09/13/2017
I've been listening to choke by onerepublic on repeat for days. I wish they would have played it l... More »
Best season - Catalog Season     09/12/2017
@donnatella: Yup! Which catalogs did you get? I'm waiting for mine to get here... More »
Football, cool weather, ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, Christmas! Getting REAL excited!     09/11/2017
@donnatella: Bonus time! At least for my hubby it is lol... More »
Irma on CNN     09/10/2017
@djchavez0921: He is actually about a mile away from where my dad lives. ... More »
Well the boredom is setting in pretty hard..     09/07/2017
Our office has been swamped with reschedules from the hurricane. I've been a buys bee 🐝 ... More »
Starbucks     09/04/2017
@Fallon: I tried to go yesterday and no one was there 😢😢😢😢 ... More »
Starbucks     09/04/2017
Someone on my Snapchat was able to go they the porter one today... More »
Getting from the airport to Kingwood     08/31/2017
Hubs got to work on beltway and Tidwell just fine. Took 99 to south hardy to the beltway... More »
Getting from the airport to Kingwood     08/31/2017
@Mumsy: The bridges are going to be closed for awhile so going to have to go the long way ar... More »
Have any of y'all won at the box game?     08/29/2017
I've won a few times. ... More »
3b's     08/29/2017
@luv2eatsushi: The last one did. Not sure why the other 2 didn't. But front says Texas stron... More »
When you lose focus for just one second....     08/29/2017
Haha saw this earlier. Cracked me up!... More »
Still no power in Kings mill     08/29/2017
Entergy says they don't know. Hubs just got off the phone with them. ... More »
3b's     08/29/2017
[img][/img]... More »

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