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Won my 3rd 10.00 in box game - anyone elese?     07/16/2017
I haven't really played in so long! ... More »
Dfuyvhuuwoeqdiuoewrnfiuoewrhfoihewrdfui ew     07/16/2017
Are you butt posting? 😂... More »
Pup pics thread!     07/16/2017
Here's our 12 year old girl Ella from today! How she can lay in that hot sun I'll never know lol!! ... More »
Flying High     07/16/2017
@ForeCPA90: The kid (if I can even call him that anymore) is a great teacher!!!!... More »
Found cat     07/13/2017
@ExBlue: I have to do this crap every damn time my oldest cat goes to the vet. When he comes h... More »
Ethereum     07/13/2017
We bought some Ferrari stock when it was at 65. It's now at 93! Wish we would have bought more!!... More »
Yeti, Corkcicle, knockoff     07/10/2017
@Fallon: 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ ... More »
Can it not rain in kingwood without the lights going out 10 times?     07/09/2017
Not out yet in kings mill but it has teased that it might a few times already ... More »
Can I have a do over?     07/09/2017
I use hot dogs that I cut up and stuff the pill inside a few and a few without. I give the first one... More »
LSD Bust Off Northpark In Kingwood     07/08/2017
There is a major drug issue in this town,& no im not even talking about weed,cocaine and meth are th... More »
@yankeejessica Curled Her Hair Today.... First Time!     07/05/2017
@herron1345: It was a super slow day but I got a lot accomplished. Hubs back is fine as well... More »
@yankeejessica Curled Her Hair Today.... First Time!     07/05/2017
@herron1345: That's exactly what my hair would look like too!!! 😂😂😂... More »
Aldi's     07/05/2017
@Yankeerose: They work on it everyday lol! I can see it from my desk here at work. ... More »
Good morning!     07/05/2017
@ctl74: Same here girl! We had our own fireworks show with the neighbors and had a blast. I am... More »
Good morning!     07/05/2017
It is actually very pleasant outside right now. Almost done with my first cup then I'll have one mor... More »
July 4th     07/05/2017
The Kdc pervs are going to be all over this one 😂... More »
Issue with Italianos     07/04/2017
@Wooderson: I know exactly who your talking about. None of the usual head honchos were there t... More »
Kingwood 4th Of July Parade     07/04/2017
@terilyntx: Yes me too!! Especially when the military/Purple Heart/vfw come thru! Makes me pro... More »
Let me hear your favorite military tribute song.     07/03/2017
This reminded me to try to find more info again about the English army band my grandfather was in du... More »
I never realized that stores...     07/03/2017
$5 says hobby lobby is starting to put out Christmas stuff already 😑... More »

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