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Re: Are You "Grounded"     06/15/2017
I'm as grounded as you get. Any more grounded, and you'd be standin in hell.  :fire:... More »
Re: Looking for a home to rent/lease *Please Help*     06/15/2017
Drive around the areas you like. I've never seen more houses to rent or lease here in the last 10 ye... More »
Re: Cheap Fencing In Kingwood     06/15/2017
Its wood, its not going to be cheap. yards are different sizes too, there is no standard price bc yo... More »
Re: Question about the Universe     06/14/2017
@jax: im oddly aroused by your cave man vibe....... More »
Re: I need some help here yall     06/13/2017
When she comes to, she'll change her mind, back to sanity.... More »
Re: 4 Free Tickets     06/13/2017
is nudity allowed here?? Bc, well, boobs!!    LOL... More »
Question about the Universe     06/12/2017
@ZMAN: If only in his own dark matter. Lol. I couldn't help it. Lol... More »
Difference Men & Women     06/10/2017
@ET: For one thing, the first post on this thread! Lmao. The whole damn thing was about how ... More »
Difference Men & Women     06/10/2017
You know how if you really like something and you keep doing it, you get really good at it? Ya, it's... More »
Re: Tripping Daisy     06/10/2017
Thought this was a new designer drug. My bad.... More »
Re: I just don't get Whataburger     06/10/2017
Op needs to realize that everyone tastes are different. She might not like chopped lettuce and musta... More »
Interesting, Harvard     06/06/2017
@HollyHobby: This IS about free speech. They are speaking freely and showing the world who t... More »
Interesting, Harvard     06/06/2017
@donnatella: I guess that's the first step, having some wise decision making skills, but ... More »
Re: About Kathy Griffin     06/02/2017
@beastmode: Instead of calling the victims weak, we need to focus on the scum ... More »
Re: Truth or dare     05/31/2017
Oh yes!!! All over town!! In fact they call me Busty Kingwood Broad!! Lmao: :dance: ... More »
Re: Griffin's apology - do you buy it?     05/31/2017
People are good at twisting  and distorting even the most honest and basic things, like an apology.... More »
Re: What do you do to "make it work"?     05/29/2017
@BooBear: LMAO! High five!! ... More »
Re: Definition of "busty"?!?     05/27/2017
@Retired_Engineer: You have to mentally ill to maim yourself like that, she belongs in a c... More »
Re: Door to door stranger danger     05/27/2017
Don't believe everything you read on the internet people.... More »

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