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Re: One step closer....     10/20/2016
I think it's time to grow up. And pay your loans off. In that order. ... More »
German Shepard Taped Up and left for dead     10/19/2016
@ZMAN: Oh, idk, bc I felt like it and it's news worthy? Why is anything ever posted? LOL... More »
German Shepard Taped Up and left for dead     10/18/2016
Did you guys see that story? Some human piece of waste dumped a critically injured Shepard in the st... More »
Re: ALDI Coming To Kingwood     10/12/2016
@Jpgurl: You're right. But here's what happens......the chemicals and pesticides are... More »
Re: Complete Brake Job For $605.45 Less Than Place I've Gone For Over 25 Years!!     10/12/2016
@ET: The Dealer was cheaper??? Since when?? Everyone knows they are always the most ex... More »
Re: Good color combos for tan brick     10/12/2016
Pick a tone from within the brick color. Usually there is quite a bit of color in there.. Anything f... More »
Re: Vet Please     10/10/2016
Animal care of Lake Houston. 281-324-2615  Off 1960 after u go over the bridge heading toward Huffm... More »
Re: My daughter is a pushover     10/10/2016
"The other two decided......"Yeah, NO. Tell her to get them back over there to do the work needed. ... More »
Re: Cleavage     10/04/2016
@ET: Anytime a man says something about looking at other women's body parts and says BUT... More »
Re: Cleavage     10/04/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Riiiiiiight, but nice try at the save, lmao... More »
Re: Wells Fargo     09/29/2016
The entire evolution of the sales industry and its practices has been one huge nose dive into the sk... More »
Re: How do we get out birthday invites!     09/29/2016
Amazing. I wonder how we all survived this issue when we were kids!!.. I don't remember being scarre... More »
Re: Debate...and the winner was:     09/27/2016
."......and the winner is...."I know who it isn't, the American people. Those two are a laughing sto... More »
Re: WHAT'S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST?     09/27/2016
Aside from travel, castles, animal/hiking tours  and visiting cool places, I'd like to sit in on th... More »
Re: Weiner's wiener, again     09/21/2016
Lots of men dig the "school girl" thing. Tiny little skirt and knee hi's. They love it.I would say h... More »
Re: Sandra Bland family to get 1.9 million     09/17/2016
Is it bc she died and was not checked on in a timely manner or bc they are responsible for her death... More »
Re: Over accessorize much?     09/16/2016
She's a little outlandish in her clothes but I think it's cute. I like the dress, just not paired wi... More »
Re: Great Site for Daily Election Pulse (Not Pro Trump or Hillary Thread)     09/16/2016
I thought that title read, "daily erection pulse"And now that I see it, I think it could be a thing.... More »
Re: Are you in the basket?     09/10/2016
" Are you in the basket?"No but I'm in the bag.  :giggle:... More »

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