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Women's March     01/21/2017
@BooBear: it was Still wrong and disgusting and might be indicative of how he sees women. I thin... More »
Madonna     01/21/2017
@TXtransplant: But Madonna was chanting "I choose love!!" She's full of something alright... More »
New spot, for BooBear?     01/19/2017
Are saying she's a wino? I'm telling!!!... More »
Write Your Own Country Song     01/19/2017
@Retired_Engineer: OR, your cheat in' heart.... More »
Facebook check-ins at MD Anderson     01/18/2017
Wow, WTH did I just read, LMAO so hard.. 😄... More »
Write Your Own Country Song     01/18/2017
@Jeff1928: And slashed tires and Jesus take the wheel... More »
Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/18/2017
Sending you hugs Queen. You have done so much more than your share for animals.....i wish you didn'... More »
Calling all cat experts     01/15/2017
@SmurfySuzi: That could be directed at a DH. LOL LOL LOL... More »
Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
@ET: You boys are gonna cause me to do something naughty.,.,... More »
Care to join the "I" pool?     01/15/2017
@calguy: Ill have the mute button on so I won't be able to help you count. Lmao. I will j... More »
Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
@CBP210: What's a "rough neck" Besides the obvious?? Are you a heathen or just like it roug... More »
Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
@Fallon: Women are taught to be more of the peace keepers, and people pleasers bc socie... More »
Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
@donnatella: Most women going on a first date would not find it attractive. Not bc it's not ... More »
Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
@friday1: Lots of them are dense dumb asses and do not take NO for an answer. Besides that, ... More »
Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
@sweetie: It's a good safety feature. Isn't it a shame we need something like that?? Jesus.... More »
My newest OMGness moment     01/14/2017
"Same sex spells" LMAO! They get their own special spells?? Damn... More »
HELP: escaped kitten at kingwood dr/w.lake houston pkwy     01/14/2017
That poor little thing! I will go down there and look today... More »
Favorite local Mexican restaurant....     01/13/2017
@myevilgrin: Whimp! ... More »
Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks     01/12/2017
The world Is degrading around us, it's destiny bc all great society's self destruct. And ours will t... More »
is there anything fun going on tomorrow night?     01/12/2017
@bp2018: Why would women wanna go to a strip club? Unless you're gay, then I get it. If ... More »

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