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Re: Missing my baby today....     02/07/2016
i want a ride!!... More »
Re: The Perfect Valentine Treat for Men     02/07/2016
looks like someone on here is a vagina expert. :giggle:i wonder if this would have been removed if i... More »
Re: Panhandling     02/05/2016
@yankeejessica: oh! i thought it was the same ones on Northpark. yeah, they are low lifes using ... More »
Re: Panhandling     02/05/2016
@yankeejessica: It takes some nerve doing that. does anyone even check these people out?? ... More »
Re: Forget King cake, I want     02/05/2016
they look like jelly donuts. ive never had one of any flavor but that filling sounds awesome!... More »
Re: Panhandling     02/05/2016
i dont know but we need them on  WLH and Northpark. getting tired  of complete strangers approachi... More »
Re: What is your take on online dating sites?     02/02/2016
i see nothing wrong with online dating but there are drawbacks for sure if you are either really goo... More »
Re: Bundt cake stuck, help     01/30/2016
tap on the pan all around wiith a knife, ... More »
Re: I love it!     01/30/2016
@Retired_Engineer: he's a legend in his own mind. lOL ... More »
Re: Minimum wage & taxes     01/30/2016
when you think minimum wage, you have to equate it with minimum skills. i know 7.50 isnt much but it... More »
Re: Weight Watchers     01/29/2016
@buddyboy: i actually agree that french and Italian breads rock. but they arent healthy to have ... More »
Re: Weight Watchers     01/28/2016
@herron1345: yes i know. but white bread is the Devil.  its close to being banned in society. a... More »
Re: MADD Air     01/28/2016
i thought it was some new tennis shoes! :)... More »
Re: Can You Eat A 5lb Fudds Combo??     01/28/2016
who the HELL wants to pay $20.00 to make themselves fat AND sick?LOL. :food:... More »
Re: losing weight, gaining muscle     01/23/2016
congrats on making a huge change and working SO hard doing it!!  thats NO small feat. before you pu... More »
Re: What did You eat for Breakfast?     01/23/2016
i thonk there should be breakfast mozeralla sticks!!... More »
Re: What did You eat for Breakfast?     01/23/2016
looks good except that avocado, lol. i like dishes that incorporate multiple vegetables together. bi... More »
Re: Morning Panic     01/23/2016
i hate weak coffee! go for the bold ones. one of the best is Dark Magic from Green Mountain, Tall, D... More »
Re: Ted Cruz     01/21/2016
@cador: LOL! im for dumping the whole system that we have now anyway. throw the baby out with th... More »
Re: Ted Cruz     01/21/2016
i saw a Republican pundit asked who he would rather have between Trump and Cruz. he said, "thats lik... More »

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