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Re: If the person I was divorcing was found in a brothel     10/21/2015
I know why. Dude almost died and it shook her up big time. As it would most people. Life changing ev... More »
Re: It's official     10/20/2015
I love Charlie Brown.... More »
Re: Americans had best wake up's coming     10/15/2015
thats comforting.... More »
Best onion rings     10/15/2015
Get thee to Tin Roof!! They are made fresh and omg good!!... More »
Re: Isn't this one of the Kardashian ex's? Hope he pulls through.     10/14/2015
There's nothing worse than the waste of a life. It's gut wrenching to see it's something they chose ... More »
I made a Cleopayra one year, it came out beautiful. Made a headband with pretty beads, a white toga ... More »
Re: Who is watching the Socialist debate tonight?     10/13/2015
I might, but it's all just for entertainment. I have zero respect for any theology that doesn't enco... More »
Re: PLAYBOY eliminating "nudes"     10/13/2015
You know what they say, when you've used it all up, go back to the beginning and start over. Startin... More »
Re: do I stay or do I go...     10/12/2015
Go... More »
Re: Candlelight     10/12/2015
@koocachoo: Yes they do as do the grown men who are a buzz too, lol. Darn porn, lmao.... More »
Re: Candlelight     10/12/2015
All the teenage boys are a buzz. ... More »
Re: Dinner     10/12/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: I liked the Taco flavored ones and they just disappeared off the s... More »
Re: Anyone planning to watch American Horror Story: Hotel     10/09/2015
@donnatella: She's ain't got much and she's just ugly. Some men drool at anything naked.... More »
Re: Need advice!     10/07/2015
I didn't read all the replies BUT even if they don't get along, even if there is some organic dislik... More »
Re: More random googling     10/06/2015
I thought the title was.. more random groping!! Lmao... More »
Re: Have you seen this under Classifieds/Pets     10/06/2015
Some of those ads are a hoot. Well, they tell people not to give them away for free. LolThe furnitur... More »
Re: Nice evening on the SA Riverwalk     10/06/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: So why did ya? ;)... More »
Re: Sauce or no sauce     10/06/2015
Homemade spaghetti sauce that cooks all day??  The more the better.... More »
Re: Ad on KDC mobile     10/06/2015
@mm4731: Pump and dump??... More »
Re: Reasonable short distance movers     10/05/2015
@Stealth83: I'm cheap, not stupid! LOL!Thank you all!... More »

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