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Church opens gun range ministry "in the name of Jesus Christ"     08/16/2015
Jesus was probably packin heat. :shoot:... More »
Re: I would pack heat all day every day if I had this one...     08/15/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Me either, who knew?? But I like blue well enough. And I know about... More »
Re: Religion in America?     08/15/2015
@CartmanUK35: That's a stretch. Most atrocities have come from man made WARS. Think abou... More »
Re: Religion in America?     08/13/2015
@shodan66: What about ALL the harm done to humanity by everyone else, as in the no... More »
Re: How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/10/2015
@friday1: Lol! I know. But sometimes a Moms whole existence is about keeping the peace, ma... More »
Re: How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/10/2015
Sit in the middle of the floor and cry your ass off. Just let all your frustration out, and loud. He... More »
Re: Pretty Soon     07/31/2015
There are few things as heavenly as a slice of homemade pumpkin bread and some dark strong coffee.:c... More »
Re: Well bloody hell...gotta get the flask ready     07/31/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: From what I read on the Internet, men don't handle that well eithe... More »
Condos/Townhomes next to Sharkey's and Raffa's     07/29/2015
They are really nice, but pricey, like everything else right now. This town is sorely hurting for... More »
Re: Gonna ask the ol gal out on a date.....     07/28/2015
Ahhhhh, good excuse to get the bikini out and laze the day away, in sun and water worshipping Mother... More »
Re: Carrot top     07/25/2015
@donnatella: Just don't look at his face, he's got a great bod.... More »
Re: I need me a haircut     07/25/2015
@BBQguy: Lol! That's adorable! Mr. clean without a body! ... More »
Re: I miss KW sometimes, but...     07/25/2015
You are blessed! When you live like that it is, IMO, back to our core roots.  There's something so ... More »
Re: Woke up late....startin to growl a bit     07/25/2015
It's just cake in a pan, mmmmmmm.  :thumbsup:... More »
Re: Morning Blues     07/25/2015
@donnatella: I have Kelly Clarksons Invinceable stuck in my head! God that woman C... More »
Re: I need me a haircut     07/25/2015
Bbq guy has long hair??@BBQguy, post a pic!!... More »
Re: Exxon on Mills Branch     07/24/2015
Well, that's boring. I don't know a Scotch from a brandy!! LolI think we need a bakery in there!! &n... More »
Re: Kingwood Progressives     07/23/2015
Do you like cake?? Then I say welcome!  :cake:... More »
Re: Dirty Juicy Burgers     07/22/2015
Peanut butter on French toast, now that's delish! I like bacon on my burgers!!... More »
Re: Ladies?     07/22/2015
I've never seen a strapless work on anything over a B cup. They suck. ... More »

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