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Re: Taking back America     03/01/2016
@MarT: ya, hes kind of a smart ass. but some of it is true i think. ... More »
Re: Taking back America     03/01/2016
@MarT: just curious, you dont think any of that is true? ... More »
Re: For @BooBear     02/27/2016
@ProblemAgain:   Maybe not, but thats what you said here so one can wonder why you chose to me... More »
Re: For @BooBear     02/27/2016
@ProblemAgain:The foolishness of men is that they think bc they can tip a stripper or pay for a ... More »
Re: For @BooBear     02/26/2016
@ProblemAgain: nah, we'd just like a decent guy. ... More »
Re: Meet up Tonight     02/25/2016
lol... More »
Re: Mute button     02/25/2016
Trump has Resting Bitch Face, I just wanna throw a pie in it.... More »
Re: Meet up Tonight     02/25/2016
are you sure this meetup isn't @ Dickey's???  LOL... More »
Re: If God Exists There Wouldn't Be Suffering     02/24/2016
there is suffering bc people are running the world, not God. he participates if invited, but its not... More »
Re: Ugh... School of Rock     02/24/2016
@shodan66:  no, he said this on the page back:" I post my real picture because I don't care. I... More »
Re: Kingwood Contest     02/24/2016
@np77: OH! lol, thought it was a typo. :) ... More »
Re: Ugh... School of Rock     02/24/2016
@POTUS: Its just funny, you saying that's your real pic, the lying just comes so easy....its fro... More »
Re: Ugh... School of Rock     02/23/2016
@donnatella: thats not his real pic, lol. i believe its from a video clip, but it IS someone's ... More »
Re: Ugh... School of Rock     02/23/2016
LOL at all the crappola from internet peeps....... More »
Re: Kingwood Contest     02/23/2016
What's a Tress??? lol... More »
Re: Thanks, Democrats     02/23/2016
@imadrummer2k: Thats what i was wondering!! That cant be all she paid. ... More »
Re: dog potty training     02/23/2016
you would be amazed at how many dog owners think their dog is potty trained, and they arent. when y... More »
Re: Pope Hypocrisy on our southern border     02/21/2016
@AuthorMan: Me too, all denominations go off the deep end....and then people blame God. LOL.  ... More »
Re: Beware of unlisted ingredients     02/21/2016
@Retired_Engineer: I'd rather just have a plain whole snake, not fond of  just head. :)  :gigg... More »
Re: Opinion rigos restaurant     02/19/2016
It was good when it first opened, now not so much.... More »

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