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Re: Did the Don self implode?     11/13/2015
Watching him spout off like a ┬ácomplete baboon makes me wonder what people in this country are thin... More »
Re: Just a reminder     11/12/2015
Oops. I had a healthy ┬álunch but topped it off with M&M's :)... More »
Re: Date Night at Italiano's Atascocita!!     11/12/2015
I've still never been there! I need to try it tho, I just keep forgetting. Glad you enjoyed it... More »
Re: What Just Happened?     11/12/2015
Sleep walking? I doubt aliens are that interested in you.Check your fridge for missing food too. Som... More »
Re: A porn sniffing dog     11/12/2015
@Ebola: You do realize they don't really know it's porn, right? They are being tra... More »
Re: K-Park Student-Teacher Inappropriate Relationship     11/11/2015
@notfromhere: Maybe you should ask Mary Kay Letourneau??... More »
Re: K-Park Student-Teacher Inappropriate Relationship     11/11/2015
I didn't read all the comments but sometimes, you gotta grow the F up and do what is right as an adu... More »
Re: Starbucks "war" on Christmas -- really?     11/10/2015
I guess I'm from another planet. I'm a Christian  and I thought the cups were very Christmassy ... More »
Re: I need a bathing suit     11/10/2015 has a ton and you can buy different sizes for tops and bottoms in every suit they have, gr... More »
Hiding the nuts     11/08/2015
Sounds like a nut hunt. Those can be fun, just handle with care.... More »
Re: Kingwood Area Meetup Networking and Singles Event     11/05/2015
@friday1: Why the hell would a married man do that? Show up PUBLICALLY to a singles ... More »
Re: Ben Carson, I just wonder....     10/26/2015
I think it's politically unwise not to leave those choices up to the individual. Right or wrong, the... More »
Re: on the news     10/23/2015
I like blue but that is a$$ ugly. LolPeople are nuts. The HOA for allowing it bc it's an eye sore an... More »
Re: ewwwwwww     10/23/2015
"They have a strict policy against shoplifters...."Maybe that should read, "and masterbators" lol or... More »
Re: Free Networking Opportunity Every Tuesday     10/23/2015
Is it personal/fitness related or for business?... More »
Re: Thank you, post lady     10/22/2015
At least she didn't pee in your bushes. :dance:... More »
Re: My friend, and past employee's 17 yr old son killed     10/21/2015
I think taking those pictures down would be a good idea. The family might be sensitive to anything l... More »
Re: Something     10/21/2015
Sounds like a haunting. :ghost:... More »
Re: If the person I was divorcing was found in a brothel     10/21/2015
I know why. Dude almost died and it shook her up big time. As it would most people. Life changing ev... More »

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