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Re: Elm grove break ins     08/23/2015
@angiekaye: I get the need to protect ourselves nowadays. I get kids do stupid juven... More »
Just curious....     08/22/2015
Lots of good advice here! But I would add that most jobs are not very stimulating or enteresting lon... More »
Re: You go girls!     08/21/2015
@HotterThanYou: But if the blog is correct, and that's a question mark admittedly, th... More »
Re: You go girls!     08/21/2015
@Stealth83: See, that's the problem I have with this whole thing. It just doesn't lo... More »
Re: Ashley Madison names leaked     08/21/2015
@rocket: I get relationship issues. I've been in traumatic situations WITH young kids and I just... More »
Re: Looks like we're gettin' female Viagra!     08/20/2015
@ProblemAgain: That's kind of scary to read initially. Messing with brain stuff i... More »
Re: 4 foods most Americans don't eat anymore     08/20/2015
Ew!Nachos replaced most of those. Lol... More »
Re: Ashley Madison names leaked     08/20/2015
@beadweaver: I'm sure a good portion are women, no surprise. It's just astounding... More »
Re: Ashley Madison names leaked     08/19/2015
@rocket: People are hacked every day. Banking info, credit cards, FB, every form of pers... More »
Re: Looks like we're gettin' female Viagra!     08/19/2015
@donnatella: Why?? It's fore foreplay. Lol you are on the same team. :)... More »
Looks like we're gettin' female Viagra!     08/19/2015
What took so long??? I wonder if it has those warnings about four hour long erections.....oh w... More »
Re: Jared Fogle to plead guilty     08/19/2015
@jax: You're a man of few words, Jax!! Lmao... More »
Trump on immigration     08/19/2015
@PedroDePacas: You assume he'd get things done but that's an unknown. I can't respect som... More »
Re: Trump on immigration     08/18/2015
I don't respect him, thus I can't get to the next step. He's a big mouth, arrogant and rude to peopl... More »
Re: an anniversary today....     08/18/2015
Hard to believe society was ever that backward that they saw women as inferior. But man has always w... More »
2 choices on a lighthouse.... you tell me which one you like     08/18/2015
Top one, the color of the water is beautiful and shouldn't be down played IMO.... More »
The Clintons     08/17/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: A little coy bite never hurt anyone. Let's call it nibbling, shall we??... More »
Cotton Candy Grapes!     08/16/2015
Oh yummy! Gotta try those. Red grapes contain Resveratrol, it's the fountain of youth! Supposedly... More »
Church opens gun range ministry "in the name of Jesus Christ"     08/16/2015
Jesus was probably packin heat. :shoot:... More »
Re: I would pack heat all day every day if I had this one...     08/15/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Me either, who knew?? But I like blue well enough. And I know about... More »

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