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Re: My scale gave me a nasty surprise yesterday!!!     12/28/2015
Some of that is probably water retention too! Extra salt and fat and stuff, goes hand in hand! You'l... More »
Re: Wen by Chaz Dean     12/26/2015
Boy this is bad timing! I just decided to try it a couple weeks ago. I really like the concept of no... More »
Re: Christmas decorations...     12/25/2015
I always cant wait to get them down once Christmas day is over. But I always wait til New Years. Its... More »
Re: Christmas Tree     12/25/2015
There are drop off places where you can take it and they recycle them or dispose of them. Last year ... More »
Re: It's about to go down....     12/25/2015
Let's be honest, it's you. LOL. Kids sometimes just can't appreciate things like we grown ups. I co... More »
Re: She swallowed     12/24/2015
I wonder what she thought about you? LOL.... More »
Re: @Cornellbalker ... Santa's Been Watching You, Dude....     12/23/2015
@donnatella: Now you're getting into wish lists. ... More »
Re: Merry Eve Of Christmas Eve, My Friends....     12/23/2015
Mele Kalikimaka!... More »
Re: Whale beached in Galveston     12/22/2015
How very sad. I think death just stinks. I know its part of life, but still crappy.... More »
Re: You people are disgusting     12/22/2015
some of us need it wherever we can get it. LOL. You learn a lot living in the land of lack!:(... More »
Re: Let's waste time....chasing cars....around our heads     12/21/2015
I love that song. Bc everyone needs someone to escape with. ... More »
Re: Ms. Universe screw up     12/21/2015
@donnatella: yeah, the whole concept is a drag. But it still promotes that basic underpinning th... More »
Re: Im going vegetarian soon.     12/20/2015
sleeping is healthy too.... More »
Re: What's For Dinner     12/19/2015
@MarT: At first I thought that said: Make out and pizza.LOL, sounds good to me!!  :)   :pizza... More »
Re: How do I.....     12/19/2015
:thumbsup:... More »
Re: Second thoughts on Trump?     12/19/2015
i have no second or third thoughts, hes a whack job. a literal cartoon character of narcissism come ... More »
Re: Star Wars early nerd special     12/18/2015
@PedroDePacas: Riiiiiiiiight. LOL ... More »
Re: Women's body types by country     12/18/2015
what exactly is a "sexual body type? ". How dumb. and who decides? the men and their fantasy? I mean... More »
Re: Now, is anyone gonna watch...     12/17/2015
@OldGuy: Pooh prints?? You mean you don't have leaves and grass in your yard??... More »
Re: Now, is anyone gonna watch...     12/17/2015
So, you're NOT going to watch it in order to pick up dog crap?Lmao. After all, the dog crap might ge... More »

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