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Re: Cinnamon Flavored Pepsi?     06/23/2017
Ew. I'm into those ginger beer/Ale's you get in the specialty drinks section or at Home Goods. Yum... More »
Re: Pizza Situation     06/23/2017
I didnt read all the responses, but Russo's NY Pizzeria is much better than any other chains and mos... More »
Boat driver needed for tonight at River Grove Park     06/23/2017
@SwaggyG: LOL. You want a stranger to drive your boat?? You don't KNOW anyone? ... More »
Would You Give Your Spouse A Pass?     06/23/2017
This is why you should all have a nice dog or cat. They understand loyalty. ... More »
No non no no no no     06/21/2017
@donnatella: And there's a bit of a bend in the elephants nose. Lmao... More »
What would you do with this?     06/21/2017
@Astros_fan05: No you wouldn't, unless you have two d**ks. Lol, men are so full of th... More »
Carpet - Pick a color...     06/21/2017
Darker would be better on stairs bc of the heavy wear, even tho I think I like the lighter colors be... More »
Michael Brown family gets millions     06/21/2017
Quick, somebody sing Kumbyah!!... More »
Carpet - Pick a color...     06/20/2017
Darker would be better on stairs bc of the heavy wear, even tho I think I like the lighter colors be... More »
Audi Q7     06/20/2017
Buy one a couple years old. Otherwise, I wouldn't do it. Cars are like throwing money out the win... More »
Re: Bong Appetit, My Beautiful Friends....     06/16/2017
Hubs? Your profile says you're name is [ Name removed 😕] Oh, you're gay? LOL A happy hippy g... More »
Re: Have U seen this? Is cute     06/15/2017
not working, and i'm in need of the cute today. ... More »
Re: Are You "Grounded"     06/15/2017
I'm as grounded as you get. Any more grounded, and you'd be standin in hell.  :fire:... More »
Re: Looking for a home to rent/lease *Please Help*     06/15/2017
Drive around the areas you like. I've never seen more houses to rent or lease here in the last 10 ye... More »
Re: Cheap Fencing In Kingwood     06/15/2017
Its wood, its not going to be cheap. yards are different sizes too, there is no standard price bc yo... More »
Re: Question about the Universe     06/14/2017
@jax: im oddly aroused by your cave man vibe....... More »
Re: I need some help here yall     06/13/2017
When she comes to, she'll change her mind, back to sanity.... More »
Re: 4 Free Tickets     06/13/2017
is nudity allowed here?? Bc, well, boobs!!    LOL... More »
Question about the Universe     06/12/2017
@ZMAN: If only in his own dark matter. Lol. I couldn't help it. Lol... More »
Difference Men & Women     06/10/2017
@ET: For one thing, the first post on this thread! Lmao. The whole damn thing was about how ... More »

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