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Kingwood Teacher Resigns After Text Goes Public     12/15/2016
@dt3001: Yes, culture is learned behavior bc of well, culture. LOL. It provides the TOOLS ... More »
Hatchimal     12/15/2016
@thegoodwife: Please please get me one! I looove Hatchimals!!... More »
Kingwood Teacher Resigns After Text Goes Public     12/13/2016
@dt3001: Are you saying certain nationalities don't possess certain gifts purely bc of that... More »
Christmas shoppers are horrible and crazy     12/10/2016
What a crab. Lol. You complain about, have a drink! :party:... More »
Kingwood Teacher Resigns After Text Goes Public     12/09/2016
@mm4731: So you don't know who your neighbors are/were?? Did you live somewhere else? Lol ... More »
Made in the USA is going to cost you     12/04/2016
@SwaggyG: Why would they send YOU an email announcing a price hike?? :eyeroll: ... More »
Christmas lights on tree trunks     12/03/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: Do you have the Christmas Light "C" chromosome?? If you do, buy ex... More »
Sleepless night     12/02/2016
Get naked and have someone rub you down with warm oil......or, just think about it. ... More »
Being the Man Does Not Automatically Make Everything Your Fault     11/28/2016
Who THE HELL ever said everything is always the man's fault? I've never known a soul who said this. ... More »
Re: who says?     11/22/2016
@donnatella: I say the age is irrelevant, if you got nice boobs and you don't look like ... More »
Re: who says?     11/22/2016
I wear what I want, when I want. I'm a star. LOL :star:... More »
Re: Thanksgiving with the in-laws AND our attorney     11/21/2016
@jax: Wow, how would you know it's rarely perfected? Even if you've had a lot of partner... More »
Re: Peace and Quiet     11/18/2016
Ear plugs and hummmmmmm. ... More »
Re: This One Thing     11/14/2016
Is that a pre or post doobie revelation? Lmao! Hahaa... More »
Re: now this has been a bad week!     11/13/2016
@BooBear: Since when?? :)... More »
Re: Does your spouse have your password?     11/12/2016
I trust no one, and I got good reason. Lmao... More »
Re: Not all Kingwoodians voted for Trump     11/12/2016
@ET: Who says that?? lol ... More »
Re: 7 year old kicked out of house for voting Trump at school.     11/12/2016
Wow what an ahole. So disturbing on more than one level, as a parent you should know better. Plus, i... More »
Re: Not all Kingwoodians voted for Trump     11/12/2016
@ET: Change came and change went. Now we gots more change that possibly might require reco... More »
Re: Bitter young women     11/10/2016
I think you might be confusing different things here. They are disappointed that Hillary lost. That'... More »

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