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Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks     01/12/2017
The world Is degrading around us, it's destiny bc all great society's self destruct. And ours will t... More »
is there anything fun going on tomorrow night?     01/12/2017
@bp2018: Why would women wanna go to a strip club? Unless you're gay, then I get it. If ... More »
When are you going to fix     01/07/2017
He's at DQ!! Leave him be! :)... More »
Stripper Name     01/07/2017
Black Artichoke. Lmao... More »
Healthy Living Showcase - Saturday!     01/06/2017
@allymansfield As much as I'm all for working out, I may stay in and have a cinnamon rol... More »
Creepy or not Creepy     01/06/2017
@beastmode: LMAO! That was hysterical. ... More »
January gloom, makes for lack of motivation     01/06/2017
I'm motivated, to bake cookies. LMAO... More »
girl missing after a date in kingwood     01/05/2017
Unfortunately the Internet is superhighway for creeps... To just go off with someone you just met is... More »
For women that get their hair colored     01/03/2017
Miss Clairol! She's the best! and always open!! :giggle:... More »
Penile Granite     01/03/2017
@donnatella: "good" being the operative word here. I'm guessing it wasn't. LOL... More »
Anyone watching the Apprentice with Arnold tonight?     01/02/2017
Yeah. He's awful, as per the usual. Lmao. ... More »
Oh Mariah fake     01/02/2017
I like some of her music. I can listen to her love songs and they're good IMO. She has a great voice... More »
Happy New Year     01/01/2017
@ET: Immafraid to say yes, fearing you'd find a way to then fart on the Internet. ... More »
Happy New Year     01/01/2017
@ET: Well that was classy. Lol. :eyeroll:... More »
Humans no longer have a penis bone because we don’t need to have as much sex     01/01/2017
I'm just thankful I don't have one or think like someone who does!! Lmao!! That's nature tho....m... More »
Need a handy person for a small job     12/29/2016
@princecharming: Don't b coy now, my little pigeon. ... More »
Need a handy person for a small job     12/29/2016
@princecharming: And booty. ... More »
Debbie Reynolds     12/28/2016
@mutton: At the end?? People need each other waaaay before that. Then, it's too late.... More »
Kingwood Teacher Resigns After Text Goes Public     12/23/2016
@dt3001: Yes you aren't infused by the Gods with that ability. You are EXPOSED to it. And ... More »
Why, oh why, did I pick style over cozy warmth?     12/18/2016
If you don't wear boots today, you need your head examined! Too many eggs??... More »

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