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Re: My computer is sooo judgmental     08/07/2016
Incognito?? What a testament to modern life, on the net. Next up: Smh... More »
Re: Anyone shop at the At Home store in Humble?     08/07/2016
@klp1972: I never noticed that! I'm too busy being delighted. Lol. It's very reasonable ... More »
Re: Saturday dinner plans?     08/06/2016
I don't know but I'm ready to chew the legs off the dining room table. Lmao. But, I just ate and am ... More »
Re: & you think your ex is psycho?     07/30/2016
@podunk: Those two things don't go a responsible persons world. No one with... More »
Re: My apologies, I was wrong to get so upset over remarks here     07/30/2016
@terilyntx: It's NOT hard to apologize when you really ARE sorry. And let's not fo... More »
Re: Bumper Stickers     07/30/2016
@calguy: Riiiiiiiight. LMAO. :eyeroll: ... More »
Re: Really Nice People     07/28/2016
sometimes you have to be in a position of need to see the good in people. hope you continue on to re... More »
Re: Thank you baby jesus for ac repair guys     07/25/2016
I had to thank the Baby Jesus for some stuff today too! :thumbsup:... More »
Re: Amazing Kitten for adoption!     07/25/2016
Oh my....what a pair of little dolls!!!... More »
Re: T Shirt Fundraiser to help Feral Cats/Kittens     07/25/2016
Done! :)  Good work!!... More »
Re: Don't Stop!!!     07/24/2016
LOL! Oh yes! :love:... More »
Re: Sherwood trails     07/23/2016
I agree ST is safer than being outside this area in general. But it does have more crime than other ... More »
Re: what did you do b4 the internet?     07/23/2016
When was that???? ... More »
Re: Suddenlink out?     07/23/2016
Mine is out more than its on...I just acceot it anymore. It's cr*p.... More »
Re: Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@donnatella: I do the minimally dressed thing. And its the darndest thing how friendly everyone ... More »
Re: Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@BooBear: LMAO! Send me your address so I make sure not to buy a house on your street. :giggle: ... More »
Re: Kitty is angry and meowing     07/22/2016
open the dam door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cat:... More »
Re: McDonald's concerns over fresh beef     07/22/2016
@Jpgurl: I would have waited 2, and raised you 2 more. LOLI have never understood the universal ... More »
Re: Hairball ~ This is gross!     07/20/2016
Pics or it didn't happen. LOL.... More »
Re: For all us dieters out there     07/20/2016
My Mom once asked a lady in the doctor's waiting room how far along she was...and she wasn't pregnan... More »

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