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1:10pm and no one...     03/15/2017
@Spork: Mmmmm a firm banana!!... More »
YESSSSS!!!!!     03/15/2017
Put some dancing firemen on top the truck!!!... More »
Ahh technology.....     03/05/2017
If you put the ring around their other head, will they think with that one instead?... More »
Perky Nipples     03/01/2017
I guess you can dream, lmao. ... More »
I want a Pączki     03/01/2017
@krakus: I need a delivery stat!! ... More »
And this is why I love me some KDC...     02/05/2017
@ET: The shirt is a JOKE. If you want to classify his fantasies as funny, ok, I'll go along wi... More »
And this is why I love me some KDC...     02/05/2017
@herron1345: Just making sure he knows what goes on in his head is fantasy.... And it comes ... More »
And this is why I love me some KDC...     02/04/2017
@ET: So, what do you think is gonna happen?? They're all gonna get nekkid and have sex?? Hav... More »
A workout? Really?     02/03/2017
@allymansfield: You don't need to be a feminists to blast her, just a brain. She's a huge at... More »
A Trump voter explains $450 tip and an uplifting note     01/28/2017
Well, the Bible does say, give a good gift. It goes a lot further than being an ahole.... More »
Women's March     01/23/2017
@BooBear: So is your opinion woman hating diatribe?? Lol. First of all, it's historical ... More »
Women's March     01/21/2017
@BooBear: it was Still wrong and disgusting and might be indicative of how he sees women. I thin... More »
Madonna     01/21/2017
@TXtransplant: But Madonna was chanting "I choose love!!" She's full of something alright... More »
New spot, for BooBear?     01/19/2017
Are saying she's a wino? I'm telling!!!... More »
Write Your Own Country Song     01/19/2017
@Retired_Engineer: OR, your cheat in' heart.... More »
Facebook check-ins at MD Anderson     01/18/2017
Wow, WTH did I just read, LMAO so hard.. 😄... More »
Write Your Own Country Song     01/18/2017
@Jeff1928: And slashed tires and Jesus take the wheel... More »
Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/18/2017
Sending you hugs Queen. You have done so much more than your share for animals.....i wish you didn'... More »
Calling all cat experts     01/15/2017
@SmurfySuzi: That could be directed at a DH. LOL LOL LOL... More »
Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
@ET: You boys are gonna cause me to do something naughty.,.,... More »

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