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Re: Offended     06/13/2016
funny thing, that "offended" issue. The one who thinks its a stretch or someone is being over sensit... More »
Re: Dont trust them     06/12/2016
@Retired_Engineer: That one is a BASTARD. ... More »
Re: Eggplant Parm Pain in the A#$!!!     06/12/2016
@friday1: I don't think @ Andreweggplant is going to appreciate that. :giggle: ... More »
Re: The root cause of road rage     06/10/2016
inappropriate inappropriate people. lack of control is common with anger issues, th... More »
Re: Strip Club Being Built in Will Clayton/59...     06/10/2016
@ForeCPA90: Well, you can splice it up any way you want, the fact is strip clubs attract drugs a... More »
Re: Farmer's Market     06/09/2016
I loaded up on those delish salsas, got peaches too,  but I was there right at 3, no veggies anywhe... More »
Re: For all the Mom's     06/09/2016
slap a sign on his back that says, KICK ME, for when he wakes up. :0... More »
what is the "F" key     06/09/2016
@ProblemAgain: I don't want to drive you insane with my beauty!! :thumbsup:... More »
Strip Club Being Built in Will Clayton/59...     06/09/2016
Oh boy! Can't wait for the drug busts, fights and exceptional clientele that gather there. Lmao R... More »
Re: what is the "F" key     06/09/2016
Is it next to the U key????????????????  :giggle:... More »
Re: Job regrets...?     06/07/2016
"regret not taking a chance to move abroad asked to transfer? "yep... More »
Re: Ok, it's Sunday. Anything special for dinner?     06/05/2016
@mutton: I was being facetious, a play on the lovely  roasted chicken feast.  :giggle: ... More »
Re: Ok, it's Sunday. Anything special for dinner?     06/05/2016
I'm having a nice roasted bag of Fritos.... More »
Re: Need some help- ESP Elm Grove peeps     06/02/2016
i'm so sorry your grief continues. its so very hard to love and care for people with your support an... More »
Re: Another massive storm coming     05/31/2016
Re: My oh my!     05/31/2016
@ProblemAgain: yeah, I could use a fun monkey. LOL ... More »
Re: My oh my!     05/30/2016
FAKE. Sorry, but fake...this is why you never see any real people walking around who look like that.... More »
Re: Libertarian candidate does the full monty     05/30/2016
way to lose all credibility....good riddance. lmao... More »
Re: How can a Mom do this with a clean conscience?     05/30/2016
I wouldn't miss it either but aren't you a tad worried your family will read the scathing posts here... More »
Re: sockmonkeys     05/29/2016
@kittykat: Pretty sure it can be both since they ARE funny looking and for a good cause ... More »

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