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Is this discrimination?     10/09/2017
@mm4731: But they could be unsteady!... More »
disorder?     10/09/2017
@princecharming: Don't call me Ma'am! Lmao Piles of what exactl You? Kids or wife mess? ... More »
Does Anyone Here have Coverage thru ACA?     10/09/2017
@luv2eatsushi: Exactly the same with me. I dropped it bc ain't NO ONE got time for the red t... More »
disorder?     10/09/2017
@princecharming: I will need to see these piles to make a proper determination. And, you sur... More »
Please be careful with this.person in Bear Branch     10/09/2017
This is the only place I've ever lived that didn't think sidewalks were necessary. I call that JPS:j... More »
What are you listening to?     10/08/2017
@jax: Only a dumbass, but there are plenty of those around. LMAO!... More »
Randall’s shopping strip and New HEB     10/08/2017
I read this title: shopping stripper at the new HEB! ....and the crowds came. LOL... More »
Packaged boiled eggs     10/08/2017
@ET: I'm in the camp of cook you're own dam eggs! Ew.... More »
Watching people drink too much     10/08/2017
@SwaggyG: All that's missing is the beer eh? ... More »
2nd amendment - do you have it wrong?     10/08/2017
@Ruger5: I understand what you're saying. But since they have already outlawed the very weap... More »
What are you listening to?     10/08/2017
@jax: Awe, that sounds so sad. You need me to keep you company! I'm cute, I'm clean, I cook,... More »
Watching people drink too much     10/08/2017
@SwaggyG: I think I read he had to get a ride home from the last meet up. He might not be ki... More »
2nd amendment - do you have it wrong?     10/08/2017
@ Ruger5 They already made automatic weapons illegal back in 87. HOW has that impaired you in... More »
Reading into a Handshake     10/07/2017
When I shake a mans hand, and he's cute, I gently scratch his palm with my finger real quick so he's... More »
Do you forgive him?     10/06/2017
@Puss In Boots: Bc what the world around us tells us is "real" or normal or correct, dosen... More »
Do you forgive him?     10/05/2017
I just didn't find what he said offensive. I took it to mean he was taken off guard by a woman knowi... More »
Office mate     10/05/2017
Buy a fire extinguisher and set it on your desk. When he asks you what that's for....tell him, YOU, ... More »
Emergency Foodstamps     10/05/2017
@beastmode: Coke is important!!... More »
Dangerous or not?     10/05/2017
Don't knock on my door please, thanks. :)... More »
IF you could Vacation anywhere....??     10/05/2017
@Spork: Don't be a fraidy cat, adventure is the bomb!... More »

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