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Re: Had my first Firehouse sub     07/23/2017
i wasnt impressed.... More »
Re: Misophonia - anyone else suffer with this?     07/23/2017
farts bother me, bc, mostly they stink.  :fart:... More »
Feel pretty bad today     07/22/2017
No excuse for that especially after warnings. He chose this outcome. It's hard but in the end, no ... More »
Re: Kingwood Hospital - 3 strikes!     07/21/2017
community hospitals are another whole level of  not-very-good. ;(... More »
Re: my ignore list lmao.....     07/21/2017
@donnatella: You, yes. Him, NO. Anyone who pees off his front porch when he has a commode is eit... More »
Re: my ignore list lmao.....     07/21/2017
Ray should have two ignore buttons. LMAO... More »
Re: Clubs if of Kingwood pool day     07/20/2017
someone  should bring fireworks and set them offf. :)... More »
Re: Free O.J.     07/20/2017
@BooBear: yes they had already divorced and were living apart.  Ron and she weren... More »
Re: Linkin Park Chester Bennington Commits Suicide     07/20/2017
fame and money are entertaining for awhile... but theres no true satisfaction in it. if there was, r... More »
Re: Free O.J.     07/20/2017
@Jpgurl: hes a troll obviously.  and a bad one. ... More »
Polls show majority of Americans believe no Collusion occurred     07/17/2017
Polls are used to manipulate the sheeple. There is no way to know if they are even authenticate or "... More »
Re: Things I've never eaten.....     07/13/2017
@Spork: maybe its time for a penicillan injection. or bleach.... More »
Re: Fires Over 500 Employees     07/13/2017
@2013Breakout: I didnt say i liked him or voted for him, bc neither is factual. But unlike yo... More »
Happy National French Fry Day!     07/13/2017
Right now, I prefer onion rings, but hats off to the fry. :dance:... More »
Re: Eye test     07/13/2017
Thats his Private time material. LMAO... More »
Re: Cosmetology Question     07/13/2017
@elguapo: .....And im a huge Spock fan, but just no to pointy ears that stand out. LOL ... More »
Re: Cosmetology Question     07/12/2017
@donnatella: HARSH and manly looking. Just my opinion, but me no likey ... More »
Re: hello     07/12/2017
@rhf: Or, go really rogue and buy one. ... More »
Re: Cosmetology Question     07/12/2017
@ET:  Ew ... More »

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