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Re: Non-English Speaking     07/27/2013
Did they get your orders right????  :wink:... More »
Re: I wonder     07/27/2013
lol......that was a good one.  :)... More »
Re: So far today...     07/26/2013
All with a broken foot?!?!?!?   Poor thing!!!!  Hope your day gets better!!!!!!... More »
Re: Prime Lawn gets a big thumbs up!     07/25/2013
Ummmmm, PICTURES - or it didn't happen!!    :smile:... More »
Re: Shower work,     07/25/2013
We all love everybody and always get along!!!     :laugh:... More »
Re: Doggie prayers!!!     07/25/2013
GO BRUNO!!!!!... More »
Re: It Moved!     07/25/2013
Oh my....that is too funny!... More »
Re: Damn Dogs 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     07/24/2013
@elguapo:  you are so busted.....  I KNEW your dog was actually a Diva....  :wink: ... More »
Re: How can you tell your best friend     07/23/2013
HAHAHA!!!  That is so true!!  Too funny.... More »
Re: Found blind Dachshund on Atascocita Shores Dr     07/23/2013
Awwweee.....Poor baby!!  Did you put signs out?  I am sure she is grateful to you for taking her i... More »
Re: Spiders......     07/23/2013
@FoFa:  you really are purely evil sometimes.  :wink:... More »
Re: talk about pain !     07/23/2013
OUCH!!!!  ... More »
Re: Dang Dogs IV     07/23/2013
... More »
Re: Harris County Toll Authority Can Kiss My _ _ _     07/22/2013
@Sniper12:  I need to do that!  I don't have an EZ tag, and have been wanting to get one - but don... More »
Re: So excited     07/22/2013
YAY!!!  Congrats, and what did you buy?!?!?!?!?... More »
Beautiful restaurant views.......     07/21/2013
This is where I ate lunch today, and the scenery around us.  :)  This is in Stanley, Idaho... More »
Re: Dogs are stupid     07/21/2013
funny!!!... More »
Re: Heat stroke     07/20/2013
Yep, I definitely know that feeling.  Take a cool shower and drink LOTS of water.... Now for the fr... More »
Re: I forgot to wear shoes to work today     07/19/2013
HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!    I have gotten almost 1/2 way to work before and suddenly realize that I have ... More »

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