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Re: Its Not Me!     08/30/2013
It was Scarlett in the conservatory with the candle stick holder........ ... More »
Re: Its Not Me!     08/30/2013
The receiver......yep...... More »
Re: My truck was broken into!!     08/30/2013
I am sure the police will look at them, esp. since it was $1000+/- worth...  Sucks though!  Does y... More »
Re: Its Not Me!     08/30/2013
OOOOOhhhhh, I think I know who the receiver is on this one..........(I had an idea put into my head ... More »
Re: Dog Found in Woodstream     08/30/2013
Looks healthy, so I am sure his owner is missing him!!!  :)  Good luck!... More »
Re: Houston SPCA asking for publics help in a horrific case of animal cr...     08/30/2013
Ahhhh, I found the thread about the poor puppy!!  I posted the story too, but got "yelled" at b/c I... More »
Re: warning next time please     08/30/2013
Please forgive me.....You could have just pm'd me....I can go back and edit....didn't need to "call ... More »
THIS actually happened in Kingwood!!!     08/30/2013
WARNING!!!!!!Okay people.....this happened right near us!!!  In Kingwood!!!  Let's help th... More »
Re: Stalking     08/30/2013
I am guessing who it is........  I THINK it is **********!!!!!This person posts mean and very angry... More »
Re: ruff football!     08/29/2013
How funny and cute!!!!   :)... More »
Re: tired of mowing my yard     08/29/2013
... More »
Re: The olive garden contest....     08/28/2013
You know, all of this mine, mine, mine stuff..... You all just need to give up, because it is going ... More »
Re: The olive garden contest....     08/28/2013
OOOOhhhhh, I just had Olive Garden last week.  :)  Yummmmm.  I could definitely go again though!... More »
Re: Citizen Doughnuts     08/25/2013
@Subdriver738:  Did you ask for an explanation as to why they wouldn't do your request when they ne... More »
Re: HEB Kingwood WTF!     08/25/2013
@Wooderson:  You would DO IT at HEB?????  Wow, you are crazier than I thought.  :wink:... More »
Re: HEB Kingwood WTF!     08/24/2013
I just hate grocery shopping period....don't care WHERE.  It sucks no matter what.  :P... More »
Re: Vehicle Needed - Can only make payments     08/24/2013
I don't see @ajbrett as asking for a handout.  They are asking if anyone knows of, or has a decent ... More »
Re: one shot one pie     08/23/2013
@BooBear: I prefer Coconut Cream Pie myself.  :)  But, Apple pie is good w/ ice cream.  ... More »
Re: Diet = Terrible Headache     08/22/2013
I agree with the fact that your body is telling you that you need to eat something.  :)  G... More »
Re: Photobomb here.....     08/21/2013
... More »

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