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Re: im sitting     09/22/2013
If I lived closer, I would go...For some reason I woke up before 5 a.m. this morning and can't get b... More »
Re: Clown Therapy     09/22/2013
I seriously just looked up "creepy clown pictures" and this is one of the ones that came up.  l... More »
Re: Kingwood     09/22/2013
Is that meant to be a compliment or negative comment about Kingwood @Mccrj???I know people who live ... More »
Re: Virus or food poisoning     09/22/2013
@N&T:  it is the beginning of flu season.  I have been seeing lots of sick teenagers at work, ... More »
Re: found...lil gray terrier     09/22/2013
Where did you find him?  That may help some people.  :)  He looks like a cutie!... More »
Re: im sitting     09/21/2013
@elguapo:  You mean there was actually a thread about cleaning my house and gutters at that time???... More »
Re: And then there is this     09/21/2013
OMG!!  :laugh:... More »
Re: When I was a teenager     09/21/2013
I had the most awesome hair style!!  We called it "mall hair".  High bangs that were teased up, an... More »
Re: im sitting     09/20/2013
I realized that I REALLY need to clean the gutters on my house with the heavy rain....I had a waterf... More »
Re: So 'Splain this one please     09/20/2013
Oompa loompa!!!!  :) ... More »
Re: FOUND DOG-- OAKHURST     09/19/2013
You are a good person for picking her up!  Have you taken her to a vet to check for a micro-chip??... More »
Re: This has got to be worth a prize     09/19/2013
At least you guys got to play lately!!  I haven't gotten to lose in forever.  ... More »
Re: LuLing lovers     09/19/2013
WOW....It is ABOUT TIME I figure out which BBQ place you all were talking about....  :laugh:  I ke... More »
Re: THE CUTEST!     09/18/2013
@Lola:  I am not between fosters unfortunately. I will have Fonzie until 10/1.....When do you go on... More »
Fear of Terrorism     09/18/2013
@fcabanski.....No, ignoring it doea not make it go away, but by not feeding the news frenzy by watch... More »
Re: THE CUTEST!     09/17/2013
@Haybugg:  Where is she right now?  Is she at MCAS?  If someone fosters her, would it be through ... More »
Re: Found Female Australian Shepherd     09/17/2013
That is awesome!!!   Love it.... More »
Re: Feral Hog Update     09/17/2013
@mm4731: That is exactly what I said when I saw the picture.... (Well, except for living in Wood... More »
Re: Posting Contest - Starbucks!     09/17/2013
Okay, now THIS is a contest that I would probably win.....I don't like Coffee.  lol!!... More »
Re: Ahhhh time to go home     09/17/2013
ugh.....So sleepy still.  Enjoy.  :sleep:... More »

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