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Re: Fast Food Favs     10/22/2013
@FoFa: I remember going to an A&W Drive in restaurant when I was a little kid.  LOVED the f... More »
Re: New Study why coffee is addictive     10/22/2013
Coffee is gross...  I can't even stand the smell of it for some reason!!  I am glad that the coffe... More »
Re: Got the inside scoop on     10/22/2013
Pat's Donuts is AWESOME - I definitely agree.  :)... More »
Re: Arby's and CVS     10/22/2013
Oooohhhh....  I LOVE Arby's!!!  ... More »
Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILLY123!!!!     10/22/2013
Hope you have a great day @silly123!!! ... More »
Re: Public Opinion     10/21/2013
I think #3 is most appropriate for a wedding.....unless it is a black tie wedding.  If it is black ... More »
Re: Do not ring door bell     10/21/2013
Or, you can put a sign out that says something like "I don't buy things, sign up for things, or go t... More »
Re: Quotes     10/21/2013
Don't be disappointed by the results you Didn't get with the work you didn't do.-----Unknown... More »
Re: Woman in her 60's hit by car hour ago     10/21/2013
Regardless of whether he was/was not speeding, was/was not drunk, was/was not blinded,  etc.....STI... More »
Re: Do not ring door bell     10/21/2013
Can't you just disable it?  I would have no idea how, but maybe that is easy?????   ... More »
Re: Good morning mpjp0907     10/21/2013
:clap:   Hope you enjoy the rest of your Birthday!!!... More »
We are in TROUBLE - tomorrow!     10/20/2013
Oh out world!  Tomorrow is @mpjp0907: BIRTHDAY!!!!    :clap:Happy early birthday my... More »
Re: I take back every positive comment     10/20/2013
I still like Chuy's for "Mexican" food.  :)  I know, it is not a home town kind of place, and is a... More »
Re: kpark homecoming     10/20/2013
I just looked at the picture again....and it made me giggle again....  lol!!Just thinking - what he... More »
Re: KDC Anniversary today for: BooBear, spoteet36!!     10/20/2013
HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary @BooBear!!  :clap:... More »
Re: kpark homecoming     10/19/2013
How funny!!!    (I rude, disrespectful and disgusting of those teenagers to do such a ... More »
Re: Woman in her 60's hit by car hour ago     10/19/2013
That is so sad!!!!!!!... More »
Re: I don't get it     10/19/2013
@Okiedokie:  I can't go back to bed once I wake up, but I SURE can take a nap later on!  :) ... More »
Re: double sexual assault tonight in Kingwood!!!!     10/19/2013
Sickening, creepy....  Hope the guy rots in jail for what he did.  ... More »
Re: Love     10/19/2013
@silly123, I totally agree with you.  I am SO happy with this weather!!  I get so much more energy... More »

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