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Re: horseback riding     11/14/2013
I used to know of a place, but they are no longer located there.  Good luck!  I would do a google ... More »
Re: saw on the way to work this morning...     11/14/2013
@GoldenGirl:  I wonder how many eye liner or lipstick applications that you have messed up by honki... More »
Re: Pharlap?     11/14/2013
:clap:... More »
Re: Pharlap?     11/13/2013
I am here!!!  I am here!!!   :)  Thanks for the love!  :)  ... More »
Re: Just Way To Freak'n Much     11/03/2013
Who would want to buy that sweater anyway???  It is rather comical looking in itself........ More »
Re: @Moderator: Numbers game link     11/03/2013
@Nurse3:  I agree.  :)@Kingwooddotcom:  can it be changed back?  Or, was it changed to this way ... More »
Re: Found Female Tan Dog     11/03/2013
Picture did not post.....  Try again???... More »
Re: Time Change Sunday     11/03/2013
@pksbar: Mine didn't either.......  :( ... More »
Computer question...issue....     11/02/2013
Okay, I am having an issue with my computer.  It is a "new" computer - less than 6 months old.  Th... More »
Re: Time Change Sunday     11/02/2013
cool.  :)  I hope my dogs remember that!!  lol ... More »
Re: Have you Googled today?     10/31/2013
I did earlier, and didn't even pay attention.  So, of course I had to go check it out.  lol...  ... More »
Re: Which one would you choose?     10/30/2013
I like how the Jawbone can be set to vibrate if you have been "sitting still" for too long....  A c... More »
Re: No foundation repair needed!!!!     10/30/2013
Great idea!!!... More »
Re: I want to change my username     10/29/2013
Again???  How long ago did you change it to N+T??And, if you are wanting to lurk (teeheehee....that... More »
Re: trick or treating time     10/29/2013
I hope there are pauses in the 80% chance of rain from 4 - 7 p.m. tomorrow(or that it just holds off... More »
Which one would you choose?     10/29/2013
Okay, I am going to get one of these things, but can't decide which one...The FitBit:  http://www.f... More »
Re: Baby gets emotional.     10/29/2013
I saw it too.....brought tears to my eyes just watching the baby!!!  So cute!!  ... More »
Re: Just noticed a new restaurant by Texas Roadhouse     10/27/2013
Here is a link to their menu.....   :) not look ch... More »
Re: Explosions in Atascosita     10/27/2013 More »
Re: No paper this morning!     10/27/2013
I didn't get mine either!!!   :mad:      Oh, wait.....I don't subscribe.  Oh, well.....  :... More »

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