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Re: Dog walk     11/29/2013
I would LOVE to go....but I can't walk my dogs yet....I am not allowed to walk them for another 1.5 ... More »
Re: Heartbroken....     11/29/2013
I am so sorry you are going through this!!  I would definitely call A&M also.  They may even w... More »
Re: car dealerships you can trust?     11/29/2013
I have learned that you NEVER tell them that you want to trade your vehicle in first.  FIRST find t... More »
Re: Can you read a map?     11/27/2013
I would rather read a map.  I load the info into my phone, use the navigation app. to load up a map... More »
Re: Jokes...     11/26/2013
What happened about the kidnapping at the school today???????        It's okay, he woke up.... More »
Re: Jokes...     11/26/2013
Have you ever seen about the movie "Constipated".............  No?, Well, that is because it hasn'... More »
Re: Canine Vaccine guidelines     11/23/2013
Yes, we do overvaccinate our dogs, but it has been that way for just about ever.  :)  If you do ev... More »
Re: 2013 Sexiest Man Alive IS.......     11/21/2013
oooooh, I could look at Adam Levine A LOT!!!!  LOVE his tats!!   :)... More »
Re: What are you drinking tonight?     11/21/2013
Propel zero - Kiwi Strawberry flavor.  :)... More »
Re: Hi     11/21/2013
@BowtieGuy: OVERACHIEVER!!!!   :PAnyway, welcome!!! ... More »
Re: Least Liked Nationality For Food     11/20/2013
@Copernicus: YAY!!!  There is another person that hates seafood of any and every to... More »
Re: Toll Violation     11/20/2013
@elguapo: Is this the right web site??? ... More »
Re: long weekend     11/20/2013
ENJOY IT!!!!   :)  What are you going to do for fun??... More »
Re: Mayor Parker Orders City to Provide Taxpayer Funded     11/20/2013
@Doodlebug:  you  "had gay friends and see them for what they are".... Well, I see HUMAN BEINGS f... More »
Re: kittens     11/18/2013
I agree to the shelter idea.  :)  Save a life!!  ... More »
Re: I want to trade in for a Volvo right now!!!!!     11/16/2013
@beastmode: I have watched this commercial several times!!  OMG!!!!  W.O.W.!!!  And holy crap... More »
Re: In my lap.     11/16/2013 need to be the one to tell her, b/c you are the one who got the info...A very uncomforta... More »
Re: Lump on the Dog     11/16/2013
I still say Crosby vet!!!!  It will be a bit of a drive, but they saved my dog Cole's life - after ... More »
Re: Mattress sale!     11/15/2013
Too bad I don't have any money, I would have actually gone to this...I need a mattress badly!!!   ... More »

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