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Orlando..     06/15/2016
@dac1842: never said I was offended. ... More »
Orlando..     06/15/2016
Maybe God should be left out of it.... More »
How many people would die     06/15/2016
What gun? :giggle:... More »
Did Orlando teach us anything?     06/14/2016
@ForeCPA90: I'll reserve judgment until I've actually been in the same type of situation. ... More »
Shooter was gay     06/14/2016
Interesting that I'm reading this thread and this is the ad at the bottom [img]http://www.kingw... More »
In n out     06/13/2016
@ForeCPA90: and fries animal style ... More »
Made $4 at Target     06/13/2016
@RogueHippEE: damn..I need to step my game up ... More »
A date with tagger ZED?     06/13/2016
lol...he better stay in Kingwood if he wants to avoid an arse beating... More »
Offended     06/13/2016
I must have missed something ... More »
Made $4 at Target     06/13/2016
Bought 4 bottles of L'Oreal shampoo and 3 tubes of crest toothpaste. Used coupons and actually made ... More »
Another mass terrorist shooting     06/13/2016
@ForeCPA90: they aren't that hard to get unfortunately. If I remember correct LA did a buy back ... More »
Pressure washing     06/13/2016
@Iantarwater: pat on the back for getting out there and hustling, but it's still considered spam... More »
Another mass terrorist shooting     06/13/2016
@ForeCPA90: won't least not by a gang banger. I don't think they have the ammo fo... More »
Another mass terrorist shooting     06/13/2016
@ForeCPA90: those sobs have rocket joke ... More »
Another mass terrorist shooting     06/12/2016
It's too late for so called "gun control". The guns are already our there. And if they decide to ... More »
Another mass terrorist shooting     06/12/2016
@myevilgrin: normally I shake my head when I hear someone say a shooting could have been stopped... More »
Christina Grimmie voice contestant 2014 #3 murdered     06/12/2016
@Stealth83: not possible. You would have to know what he was planning and pull your gun before h... More »
THE BEST     06/11/2016
Red Lobster? :puke:... More »
Thinking of shaving my legs.... I'm being serious here.     06/11/2016
I honestly thought @BooBear started this thread ... More »
Dispose of old toilet     06/10/2016
@elguapo: you know it ... More »

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