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Mod Pizza     06/01/2017
We need a Round table pizza here... More »
Lucchese crime family.     05/31/2017
@ET: gotta keep them separated or else they start gossiping and nothing gets done ... More »
Lucchese crime family.     05/31/2017
@BooBear: you haven't seen the new doll? ... More »
Lucchese crime family.     05/31/2017
@Ebola: one to cook, one to do laundry, and one for general cleaning ... More »
Truth or dare     05/31/2017
@BooBear: i dare you to have sex in public Edit to add...with mardigrasman :laugh: ... More »
What do you do to "make it work"?     05/29/2017
[img] More »
Toyota Sequioa black SUV     05/29/2017
@SwaggyG: will you please tell us the general area where you live and work so we can avoid it. ... More »
Post the ad at the bottom of your mobile page     05/26/2017
[img] More »
Just backed up my car into the house     05/24/2017
When i read the title i was positive @BooBear was the poster...... More »
Tomatillo     05/22/2017
@Ann2800: its even better if you put the tomatillo sauce in a saute pan on simmer, fry some corn... More »
I want BBQ     05/22/2017
@Fallon turkey burger nonsense? Not sure what that means. I eat turkey burgers, mushroom burgers... More »
Tomatillo     05/21/2017
@Wooderson: peel and boil them with a couple serano peppers or jalapenos. Once they turn an army... More »
I want BBQ     05/21/2017
@bp2018: beefer and juicer. HEB has them in a 4 pack ... More »
I want BBQ     05/21/2017
I smoked salmon burgers, chicken breasts, turkey burgers topped with black forest ham bacon, flat ir... More »
When was the last time you were so filthy....     05/21/2017
@agit8r: [img] More » doesn't like competition     05/19/2017
@Champagnechola: I'm not. What happened? ... More »
I normally mow,edge and blow my own yard     05/19/2017
@cgm10sne1: when you say "front yard" you are actually talking about your front yard and not you... More » doesn't like competition     05/18/2017
@squirtismyboy: that "hi" came across kinda tuff...tone it down ... More » doesn't like competition     05/18/2017
Name is Mike ... More »
HELP! I have ROACHES in my house!!!!     05/18/2017
@rsmcln: large roaches aren't a big deal, its the little ones you gotta worry about ... More »

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