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Chicks Man 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     10/21/2017
What brought this back? :laugh: Surprised joe didn't lock this one like he did the other two... More »
Getting old sucks     10/21/2017
Had some chilli with jalapenos for dinner and I'm paying for it now in the form of heartburn... More »
Where did you meet your significant other?     10/19/2017
@WskyTngoFxtrt: [img][/img]... More »
DSNAP     10/19/2017
@gigem09: nope. They actually got a week off with pay ... More »
DSNAP     10/19/2017
@deltadawn: waste of time and energy ... More »
Where did you meet your significant other?     10/19/2017
A catalog. No joke... More »
DSNAP     10/19/2017
Definitely fraud going on. I had an employee take the day off to go there and stand in line. She did... More »
Why Such Ugly Comments?     10/17/2017
@ZMAN: fluck you! The gas station sushi wasn't agreeing with me and I have a fear of public rest... More »
220,000 acres     10/16/2017
About 1/4 of Rhode island?... More »
What's for dinner?     10/16/2017
Sammich... More »
Young Couple In Need     10/16/2017
I never understood this. Too embarrassed to ask, but not embarrassed to receive. FYI I h... More »
Transgender Relatives, Anyone?     10/16/2017
It's weird. ... More »
Boy do i have perky nipples!     10/16/2017
@yankeejessica: but what about your nipples? ... More »
Squatty Potty     10/14/2017
I love mine! I've been using one for about 2 years now... More »
Packages stolen need help with Identification     10/12/2017
Looks like Paul Wall lol... More »
Hellcat in a police chase channel ABC13     10/12/2017
Probably TI's kid... More »
Re: Is this discrimination?     10/11/2017
@luv2eatsushi: NEVER!!!! ... More »
Is this discrimination?     10/11/2017
@luv2eatsushi: guess it depends on the weight limit of the dental chair ... More »
Left on counter overnight, still okay?     10/11/2017
@Nurse3: pretty sure all the commercials say to see your doctor if its been over 4 hours, not th... More »

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