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German Shepherd loose near Race Track Gas Station     04/14/2012
This may be the same dog Jamie saw in Atascocita a couple of days ago. One of my friends saw it ton... More »
Lipitor     04/13/2012
Anyone taking Lipitor? If so, any side effects?... More »
heartworm medicine     04/13/2012
Walmart now has Heartworm preventative, must get a prescription from vet. It's $20 for 6 months for... More »
Foster urgently needed!     04/13/2012
Contact Smiling Dog Farms. Speak to Jay Hellerich or Ricky. They will occasionally take dogs who w... More »
Used car/truck     04/12/2012
Yes, I got 5.5% interest rate on my Nissan. When I financed my Jetta, I think it was 7.5 or 9, can'... More »
Wjo     04/11/2012
Oh Wjo, so glad u finally get to go home and be with your family. Glad hubby decided to make the mo... More »
Used car/truck     04/11/2012
Also, this is my second Nissan I've purchased from Robbins. I got my first one in 1993, a Maxima, i... More »
Used car/truck     04/11/2012
I just purchased a Certified Pre-Owned car from Robbins. It had 38000 miles on it and comes with a ... More »
Kitten appeared.....     04/11/2012
Adorable!... More »
Doctor     04/10/2012
I use Dr. Lois Chu, she is in the strip center next to Alspaugh's, she is vet nice and extremely tho... More »
Our sweet London dog!     04/10/2012
This post is confusing. So this person comes on the board talking about how sweet and loved London ... More »
Dog Kennel     04/08/2012
When I used to board my dogs, I used ABC Pet Resort. They are wonderful and offer VIP suites as wel... More »
Deck Construction     04/07/2012
I just had my outside deck ripped out & replaced for $1050. It was 10 x 16. They were in & out in ... More »
Ziva taking some Easter photos     04/07/2012
So cute, you definitely need to print this photo and frame it.... More »
Our sweet London dog!     04/07/2012
No body is attacking this person, however simply giving up on a dog because you are moving or don't ... More »
Our sweet London dog!     04/07/2012
When I adopt a dog, I have made a commitment to care for it their entire life. Maybe some people fe... More »
white bridle pitbull on 59 feeder     04/07/2012
I love pitties, I have 3. They are not for everyone though. You must maintain control over this ho... More »
Visiting grave yards     04/07/2012
My mom passed away in 2005. I have only visited her grave a couple of times. I feel terrible, but ... More »
FREE Bank Sand     04/05/2012
Bumping for bank's free.... More »
North park dog     04/05/2012
Coyote, I saw it the other day. ... More »

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