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Re: UT had a good game     09/17/2017
@Ruger5:  Yep, it used to be a classic rivalry game! ... More »
UT had a good game     09/17/2017
UT unexpectedly played a good game against USC (or as I call them:  USUCK) last night, especially o... More »
Re: Job supervisor not doing a good job     09/17/2017
He's imitating government workers.  Especially road crews and FEMA. ... More »
Re: Dang It! Roaches     09/17/2017
If I find one on its back, I just blow air on it from a few feet away.  If it's still alive, it wil... More »
Re: The line     09/17/2017
Try replacing "noise" with "music".  The rest is good.... More »
Re: Do we really need...     09/17/2017
@FoFa:  Same here.  I've tried to see if I can turn the alarm off, but no luck.Part of the probl... More »
Re: Who's got coffee?     09/17/2017
@Fallon:  That's how I used to like my coffee as well.  I've weaned myself off of the cream/milk... More »
Re: Who's got coffee?     09/17/2017
@donnatella:   I thought you would like that. ... More »
Re: Who's got coffee?     09/17/2017
A friend and his wife had their coffee machine sitting on a night stand next to the bed.  It was on... More »
Re: Sep 23 2017 End Of Earth     09/15/2017
Oh well, at least I get to celebrate my birthday next week.... More »
Re: Where Are The San Jacinto Waste Pits?     09/15/2017
@monyhoney:  @ET's saying is one everyone in the manufacturing business is familiar with.  Some ... More »
Re: Free food Hunan garden     09/15/2017
@Imneverfull: That's great!  Hunan Garden is one of my favorite places in Kingwood.  Thank you f... More »
Re: Allergies     09/15/2017
I love fall and spring EXCEPT for the allergies.... More »
Re: Hyperloop one Texas     09/15/2017
Not sure why Laredo is included.  It seems like most traffic would be between Houston, San Antonio,... More »
Re: Best concert you've ever been to?     09/14/2017
The Allman Brothers in Mobile, AL in 1974The Rolling Stones in Baton Rouge around that same time.... More »
Re: Coffee maybe harder to get     09/13/2017
@DVaz:  It's not just cow farts, but manure and urine ending up in water sources, clearing of for... More »
Re: Killer Sex Robots     09/12/2017
@Spork:  I like some moaning and explitives during sex, but would want the mute button for the re... More »
Re: Killer Sex Robots     09/12/2017
I clicked on the link but the only thing I saw was "sex robots" and some other words!... More »
Re: Coffee maybe harder to get     09/12/2017
I didn't believe in "global warming" originally,  but SOMETHING is causing these larger, stronger h... More »
Re: Tree Rats?     09/10/2017
@Summerbreeze:  Shhhh!  We can't start a panic with honesty! ... More »

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