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Re: U.S. drops MOAB     04/13/2017
@beastmode:  One report says that the MOAB has a kill radius of one mile. ... More »
Re: Craving Kung Pao Chicken for some reason     04/13/2017
I love Kung Pao chicken but I like it spicier than places I've tried around here. ... More »
Re: U.S. drops MOAB     04/13/2017
@FoFa and @sweetie:  Bush used thermobaric or Fuel Air Explosive bombs.  I believe it was ... More »
Re: Classifieds and people     04/12/2017
@gigem09:  My father was born in 1924, so he lived through the Depression as well.  His father c... More »
Re: Classifieds and people     04/12/2017
@Annie:  My dad would rinse paper towels, let them dry, and reuse them.  Same for ziplock bags. ... More »
Re: United in a s--t storm     04/12/2017
From what I've read and from some videos of the incident, the doctor accepted an $800 offer to give ... More »
Re: Mating     04/11/2017
@ET:   I leave the blinds open for @BooBear.  It's unfair she won't do the same for me! ... More »
Re: Mating     04/11/2017
@ET:  Have you been peeping in my windows!?! ... More »
Re: United in a s--t storm     04/11/2017
... More »
Re: Mating     04/11/2017
One of our neutered male dogs goes around humping things, or at least trying to hump things.  He go... More »
Re: United in a s--t storm     04/11/2017
@lola:  While I sort of agree with you, United should have handled this better than physically pu... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     04/11/2017
@donnatella wins?!?  Boooo Hissss   :tongue:Congratulations, Cowgirl!... More »
Re: Identifying Mystery Holes in Yard     04/10/2017
@mayorofnothing:  Most squirrels in Kingwood are tree squirrels vs ground squirrels/chipmunks.  ... More »
Re: AMMO     04/10/2017
@CBP210:  Hollywood and authors often make me laugh with their misconceptions of firearms and amm... More »
Re: AMMO     04/10/2017
A friend reminded me about storing ammo in your home.  If your house is on fire, some firefight... More »
Re: AMMO     04/10/2017
When my son moves out, I am planning to move my reloading bench and supplies up there (currently in ... More »
Re: Are all recliners ugly?     04/10/2017
We've always had recliners.  Function over form for us.  I have to keep my bad leg elevated as muc... More »
Re: Livingston casino     04/10/2017
I've been to Vegas and to the casinos in Lake Charles.  The only gambling I really like is VERY low... More »
Re: I couldn't resist!!     04/10/2017
@lola:  That's what my two years of Spanish classes in high school taught me.  It was two Hispan... More »
Re: What does it mean when your spouse ....     04/10/2017
@Fallon:  When I was working, I often stayed late.  Since it took me 45-60 minutes to drive home... More »

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