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Re: Venison Samwich     10/12/2017
@sweetie: I love deer, elk, and alligator.  Never had a chance to try moose, but I'm sure I would... More »
Re: Lamb of God School on 1960 Warning     10/12/2017
@Traveler500:  I second that recommendation.  My wife used to work there as the Science ... More »
Re: Dickies on Northpark     10/12/2017
@buffaloglenn:  That's what I heard.  They lost their funding before they ever opened.  Of cour... More »
Re: hot shot recommendations to.Hoama LA     10/11/2017
@princecharming:   Just make sure you spell it Houma, not Hoama. ... More »
Re: HOA     10/10/2017
@Traveler500: Yep.  The person that goes around writing up people is an A-hole.  I've received l... More »
Re: HOA     10/10/2017
@Traveler500:  The bottom part of the fence is always the part that goes bad first.  Partially b... More »
Re: HOA     10/10/2017
@Andreweggplant: It's the same as repainting your house.  If you repaint with the same color, no ... More »
Re: HOA     10/10/2017
@mustangmom: If you are just repairing it in kind, you don't need approval.  If you make any chan... More »
Re: Nose Hair Extensions     10/10/2017
@OldGuy:  To balance it all out, you need to let your eyebrows grow very long and bushy! ... More »
Re: Mainstream Media     10/10/2017
It's like how each politician claims they are different from other politicians.  They know it's BS.... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     10/10/2017
@ZMAN:  Congratulations!... More »
Re: Jennifer Hudson Is making Me Nuts     10/09/2017
@TheTruthHurts:  Maybe she's related to Sheila Jackson Lee? ... More »
Re: I need something to read     10/09/2017
@BooBear:  How about adult books (AKA porn)?... More »
Re: More BS from Big Pharma     10/09/2017
@nycoil: I'm glad to hear that your A Fib is controlled!  When I first saw a Cardiologist about i... More »
Re: Does Anyone Here have Coverage thru ACA?     10/09/2017
@Stealth83:  Very true!  When I worked and had terrific health insurance, the doctors put me thr... More »
Re: More BS from Big Pharma     10/09/2017
@nycoil:  Yeah, for about 10 years.  It happened infrequently and for short durations for a long... More »
Re: More BS from Big Pharma     10/09/2017
@plakata:  Yeah, that why I put quotation marks around the word allergic.  It's not really an al... More »
Re: More BS from Big Pharma     10/09/2017
@Ebola:   All of those apply to me.  If the procedure in two weeks works, I can stop the blood t... More »
Re: More BS from Big Pharma     10/09/2017
@donnatella:  I have never asked any of my doctors about a drug I saw on TV and never will.  I t... More »
Re: More BS from Big Pharma     10/09/2017
@plakata:  True, but many people may not know they are allergic to those ingredients until they t... More »

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