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Re: Misc.     02/04/2017
@MarT:  I agree, the state is beautiful.  My wife was born in Long Beach and grew up in Anaheim.... More »
Re: Not sure what the fuss was about     02/04/2017
@herron1345:  Apparently several customers didn't know the second station was for pick-up orders.... More »
Re: Probiotics     02/04/2017
I also used to have acid reflux pretty bad. The doc put me on Protonix years ago, which did help.  ... More »
Re: Not sure what the fuss was about     02/04/2017
My wife called in an order a week or so ago.  When she got there, there was a line at the dine-in s... More »
Re: And this is why I love me some KDC...     02/04/2017
@ET: Yeah, CC me with any pics!   ... More »
Kudos to KDC and all the Valentines SPONSORS!     02/04/2017
As always, KDC puts on another great contest, but they couldn't do it without the help of the great ... More »
Re: Misc.     02/04/2017
@mutton: Not even your Goose?!?  ... More »
Re: Worst manicure EVER!     02/04/2017
@donnatella:  The offer also applies to you and every other woman on this message board! I know, ... More »
Re: Worst manicure EVER!     02/04/2017
@BooBear:  Aw, come on.  I'm sure you have lovely feet.  I volunteer to do your toenails with m... More »
Re: Star Trek Vs Ashley Judd     02/04/2017
And I used to like Ashley!  Unfortunately, she has become a "celebrity" and is acting like a spoile... More »
Re: Misc.     02/04/2017
@mutton:  Well, where are yours? ... More »
Re: OMG, YES!!! Must find these.     02/03/2017
@ET:  Do you really think @donnatella minds sticky?When I saw the title and poster, I thought it ... More »
Re: Cheating     02/03/2017
I had an uncle that never married.  He made homemade biscuits every morning and they were the best ... More »
Re: Netflix Documentaries     02/03/2017
@HoofHearted:  I also recommend this one and the one @Fallon mentioned called "Ghost Army".  I l... More »
Re: Restaurants     02/03/2017
@Haybugg:  It's good to see you posting! ... More »
Re: What a joke... Schmuck Schumer calling someone else incompent     02/03/2017
Both of my children are teachers and hope De Vos does NOT get approved.  Primarily because she is f... More »
Re: Cute     02/02/2017
Part 2[youtube][/youtube] More »
Cute     02/02/2017
[youtube][/youtube] More »
Re: I couldn't get it up     02/02/2017
@ProblemAgain:  Yes, and a whole new body! ... More »
Re: Downtown is Insane     02/02/2017
@lola:  What happened to your avatar?!?  It looks like a kid crayoned it all blue! ... More »

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