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Re: Ugh why does this site     07/17/2017
@BooBear:  That matches what I've understood.  KDC needs to update the software but Joe doesn't ... More »
Re: Deep freezer question     07/17/2017
@BooBear:  We had an upright freezer that was over 20 years old.  It died after hurricane Ike. ... More »
Re: Ready for summer to end     07/17/2017
@ProblemAgain:  Yes I did, but they didn't work worth a damn! ... More »
Re: So much for Government do not call list for our cell's.     07/15/2017
I'm very happy with Sprint's latest cell phones.  If a user flags a number as Spam, Telemarketer, C... More »
Re: Ready for summer to end     07/15/2017
@ET:   Drool, those are sweater dogs! ... More »
Re: Ready for summer to end     07/14/2017
@PedroDePacas:   WITH pookies! ... More »
Re: Not so secret indulgence     07/14/2017
Obviously, for me, it's boobs and the "pleasure gate".I succumb to Popeye's chicken or pizza every f... More »
Re: 20 year old Kingwood man, Aggie arrested     07/14/2017
It will be interesting to hear what lead them to do this (if any, other than kicks).... More »
Re: We live in Strange Times     07/14/2017
This case has been floating around for some time.  PETA needs to be changed to PITA.  Even if the ... More »
Re: Question for the Forum     07/14/2017
@donnatella:   I was thinking we needed more banks and churches in Kingwood! ... More »
Re: Things I've never eaten.....     07/14/2017
I grew up putting hot sauce on my eggs.  IHOP has an omlete (Colorado?) stuffed with different meat... More »
Re: Worst website to shop     07/14/2017
I will never use Sears' website again.  They screwed up both orders I placed with them, including c... More »
Re: Fireworks Names     07/14/2017
@FoFa:   This one is my favorite! ... More »
@imadrummer2k:  I've been using a email address since they took over.  However, I... More »
Re: Fires Over 500 Employees     07/11/2017
@TXtransplant: The same goes for our nations dependence on foreign oil and gas.  Every President ... More »
Re: Amazon     07/11/2017
@podunk:  Your poor credit card!  :smile: ... More »
Re: Happy Birthday CTL74     07/11/2017
Happy Birthday @ctl74 !   Have you had your birthday spanking yet?  I won't ask how many licks yo... More »
Re: Fires Over 500 Employees     07/11/2017
@TXtransplant: I felt the same about Congress having to use Obamacare for their and their families... More »
Re: Where you get your hair cut?(men)     07/11/2017
I've been giving myself buzz-cuts for many years now.  Lately, I've been shaving my head and I like... More »
Re: Recommendations for Tree Service?     07/11/2017
@lisapisabobisa:  I agree, but the name is actually TNT Tree Service.  Tim does a great ... More »

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