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Re: Headache won't leave     03/07/2017
@J2911:  Naw, she needs to eat a Snickers.  It works on TV! ... More »
Re: Social skills     03/07/2017
@Alexcanthink:  Well, your social skills still suck.  ;P ... More »
Re: Crazy busy at ihop     03/07/2017
@Fallon:  I feel the same way.  I grew up with my non-stop smoking mother and the smell is disgu... More »
Re: Crazy busy at ihop     03/07/2017
@donnatella: Agreed.  Except I don't wait in lines for anything, unless they are moving very quic... More »
Re: Echo shaved     03/06/2017
We had a dog that was a mix of Chow and something else, but her fur was black and had long hair with... More »
Re: catfish craving...     03/05/2017
@FoFa:  The little fish place we go to in the very corner of NE LA is a buffet and they have whol... More »
Re: Retired_Engineer     03/05/2017
@FoFa:  I don't recognize him but we must be related! ... More »
Re: catfish craving...     03/05/2017
Sudie's in Pasadena is probably the best around, but they have peculiar hours.  Check before you dr... More »
Re: Costco...     03/03/2017
Since the new Sam's Club opened in New Caney, my wife has decided to let our Costco membership expir... More »
Re: University costs, 1977     03/03/2017
@TexasTideFan:  What field is your kid going into?  I pass that way once ot twice a year and som... More »
Re: University costs, 1977     03/03/2017
@ET: We sure were!  My wife got a good job in New Orleans. So we went from living on her pay to l... More »
Re: University costs, 1977     03/03/2017
I worked various jobs while in college.  One summer I was a time-keeper/assistant for a constructio... More »
Re: 180 Years Ago!     03/02/2017
I didn't.  I haven't looked at the paper yet, but I'm sure they noted it.... More »
Re: University costs, 1977     03/02/2017
@SmurfySuzi:  Books were in addition to the costs I show.  I remember books running anywhere fro... More »
Re: Does your child struggle with spelling, writing, and/or reading?     03/02/2017
The OP is simply about recognizing the signs of dyslexia and other learning disabilities and seeking... More »
University costs, 1977     03/02/2017
Debbie and I are going through piles of stuff and getting rid of them. Some things will go to Goodwi... More »
Re: Work Screw Up     03/02/2017
@gigem09:  I also keep a list of the usual bills, what day of the month they are due, and an esti... More »
Re: Shame on me - I didn't know did this...     03/02/2017
Over the 24 years we've lived here, we have adopted four dogs from Twyla's Friends.  It's a great o... More »
Re: Favorite Salsa (store bought)?     03/02/2017
If you like an acidic tomato salsa, try Herdez (medium for me).  I just wish they put cilantro in t... More »
Re: Work Screw Up     03/02/2017
We had a saying:It takes ten "Atta Boy"s to make up for one "Aww Crap"... More »

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