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Re: Let's rant     12/23/2016
@ET:  It apparently hit something solid on the screen side.  She didn't even realize that she'... More »
Re: Texans are going to the Superbowl     12/23/2016
@ET:  They trust him to pass the tray? ... More »
Re: Let's rant     12/23/2016
@ET:  We like Otterbox.  She had one on her S3 and we've got one for the S7.  She tripped on ... More »
Re: Let's rant     12/23/2016
No rants from me today, but I am a bit frustrated.  My wife broke her Samsung Galaxy S3, so we orde... More »
Re: "Alexa, order tape."     12/22/2016
I wonder what type of tape Alexa would order?  There are dozens of types and sizes.  TV commercial... More »
Re: Baby eaten alive by Giant rats     12/21/2016
Nutria, or coypu, are a different type of rat.  They are called different things in different count... More »
Re: We can't work but we CAN line up all night for free stuff     12/21/2016
@CantStandTex:   Very true, but I don't want to contribute to that "gimme mentality"  either d... More »
Re: The cars of KDC     12/21/2016
@Fallon:  You would need to paint it black so you can carry on the "Black Beast" tradition. ... More »
Re: Papa Jax passed this morning     12/21/2016
@jax:  You have my deepest condolences to you and your family.   It's not easy to lose a loved one... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/20/2016
@SwaggyG:  OK then, I won't ask you!   ;P ... More »
Re: Buble     12/20/2016
@elguapo:  I like anything with boobs! ... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/20/2016
@SmurfySuzi:  I wish my daughter had a grandmother to hide it from.  Both have passed, as well... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/20/2016
Here is a picture of her tattoo.  She describes it as 2 bass clefs morphed into a treble/infinity s... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/20/2016
@SmurfySuzi: A chain to connect them all?!?  Are you crazy?!?      ;P ... More »
Re: Mexico Fireworks Explosion     12/20/2016
I couldn't see the video, but the pictures give you an idea of how bad it was.... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/20/2016
@CantStandTex:  NO THANKS!  There are some questions, or rather the ANSWERS, that a father doe... More »
I just found out....     12/20/2016
that our 28 year old daughter got a tattoo on her leg.  She teaches music, and performs in several ... More »
Re: Worst intersection EVER!!!     12/20/2016
@Fallon: That's what I taught my wife years ago.  It's better and safer to go a little further ... More »
Re: Who watched the Oprah special with Michele Obama?     12/20/2016
Great Tip Jars:Wow, this was intended for a completely different thread.  Oh well, enjoy!... More »
Re: Confusion     12/20/2016
The driver is male and he planned this.... More »

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