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Re: My wife in hospital     07/21/2017
@airguy:  Thanks for the recommendation.  We use Kelsey Seybold because we have Kelsey-Care Medi... More »
Re: Kingwood Hospital - 3 strikes!     07/21/2017
My wife received excellent care during her ER visit and week in the hospital at St Lukes in the medi... More »
Re: My wife in hospital     07/21/2017
@herron1345:  Thank you for asking.  My wife came home last Thursday after a week in the hospita... More »
Re: Lesbos Riot     07/20/2017
I expected to see some ripping of clothes and exposing of breasts!  Now I'm sad.   ;P... More »
Re: Social media     07/20/2017
@Ebola:  Which thread are you talking about or was it several?  I haven't been logging on as oft... More »
Re: Update 2800     07/20/2017
@Ann2800:  Wishing you the best and sending good thoughts your way!... More »
Re: Old people realize motorcycle accidents hurt     07/19/2017
@Ray: Very nice cruiser but I don't care for that color.  I'd want something a little brighter an... More »
Re: Need items for metal detector training     07/19/2017
If you can't find any bones with screws or pins in them, I would think a few regular screws and nail... More »
Re: City of Kingwood     07/19/2017
@FeliciaFar:  As for Kingwood being a city, I highly doubt it.... and wouldn't want it.  We woul... More »
Re: Heat/Sweat rash help     07/19/2017
A quick Google search reveals that heat rash is caused by something clogging the pores which doesn't... More »
Re: Random Stuff     07/19/2017
@FoFa:   My wife will start talking in the room I'm in, then walk into another room and continue ... More »
Re: Random Stuff     07/19/2017
@FoFa:   Well, you got a ceiling fan!  ;P ... More »
Re: Polls show majority of Americans believe no Collusion occurred     07/19/2017
@Ruger5:  Don't think that I'm a Republican just because of that comment.  I suspect Trump did c... More »
Re: Tier de-treading     07/19/2017
@ET:  I've seen enough trucks blow a tire and the retread part (I'm guessing at least 50 lbs) goe... More »
Re: Old age     07/18/2017
@imadrummer2k:   Well said!! ... More »
Re: Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens     07/18/2017
While I agree with seizings assets from drug dealers and some other crimes, this is being used by so... More »
Re: Tier de-treading     07/18/2017
@ET:  There are companies that also retread car tires but most of those retreads are exported to ... More »
Re: America, Land of Sissies     07/18/2017
@Annie:  Don't shy away from bones.  They can be your best friend!  :smile: ... More »
Re: Ann Coulter vs. Delta Airlines     07/17/2017
@HollyHobby:  Make that "In what other SERVICE industry would this be acceptable?"She apparently ... More »
Re: Polls show majority of Americans believe no Collusion occurred     07/17/2017
@2013Breakout:  It's harder to have people "commit suicide" in other countries. ... More »

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