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Re: Random Stuff     07/24/2017
I'm thinking about starting a new business.   Here are my two top choices:Maybe even a Vietnamese ... More »
Re: Random Stuff     07/24/2017
I think someone had a cheap butt implant.... More »
Re: Random Stuff     07/24/2017
Vermont should have had this reviewed by a few more people.... More »
Re: Random Stuff     07/24/2017
Less than a minute and worth watching[youtube][/youtube]h... More »
Re: The bias of the left is beyond sickening     07/24/2017
I don't remember the right saying anything when Trump was recorded saying "Grab a woman by the pu$$Y... More »
Re: Trump blasts Republicans     07/24/2017
@Jpgurl:  I was a GDI in college as well!  As for as this past presidential election, bo... More »
Re: UN has warned Trump     07/24/2017
The USA pays more than any other country to the contemptible, corrupt UN.  I agree that we shou... More »
Trump blasts Republicans     07/24/2017
I thought this short article was interesting.  Before anyone starts claiming I'm a liberal or democ... More »
Re: PDQ CHICKEN!     07/24/2017
@FoFa:  We used to have a Boston Market chicken place in town center.  Their rotisserie chicken ... More »
Re: Trump Just Resurrected the Ugly Practice Known as Civil Forfeiture for No Reason     07/24/2017
There should be no forfeiture of assets until AFTER conviction.  Obviously, this practice needs wel... More »
Re: HEB, really     07/24/2017
@HollyHobby:  I agree! ... More »
Re: Misophonia - anyone else suffer with this?     07/24/2017
@Ruger5:  I went one night to check it out.  The loud music was good but it gives me a headache.... More »
Re: Misophonia - anyone else suffer with this?     07/23/2017
@BooBear: How about that loud whistler at Zachary's on music night? ... More »
Re: NEW Member     07/23/2017
@nanny21:  With 21 grandkids, how many kids do you have?  I hope it's more than one!  :smile: ... More »
Re: HEB, really     07/23/2017
@sweetie: Which flavor do you like?  Zapps began in a former car dealership in Gramercy not far f... More »
Re: HEB, really     07/23/2017
Chips aren't on my diet either, but when I do have a taste, neither of those would be on my list.  ... More »
Re: Bees     07/22/2017
Call the non emergency number for the police.  They may have the name of a local bee-keeper.  We h... More »
Re: How many times men should orgasm per month if they want to live longer     07/22/2017
21 times/month?!?  Maybe when I was in my teens and early 20's.... More »
Re: Got my first Iphone     07/22/2017
I've never been bit by the Apple bug.  A friend loves any/all Apple products, but I've never been i... More »
Re: If you can't justify, change the parameters     07/21/2017
@FoFa:  The link didn't go anywhere. ... More »

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